Why is my HVAC… Your Most Asked Questions, Answered. Week 1

Greenville South Carolina – “Why is my HVAC…” Is a pretty prevalent search term. People are looking for answers to their HVAC problems, and we here at General Air are going to take the time in the coming weeks to answer as many of the search queries possible. Week after week we will answer everything from when to buy, how to fix, and what it means if your HVAC rattles, leaks, whistles, and malfunctions. This week, we’re focusing on leaky and noisy units, what it could mean, and how to fix it. 

Why is My HVAC Leaking Water? 

“Drip, drip, drip.” That is the troubling sound of a leaky HVAC system, and if not taken care of early on, a very expensive problem to have. There are many reasons why an HVAC system might start leaking, and many repercussions it can have, but it is never a good thing. A leaking HVAC system can cause water to pool in areas of your house that might not get as much attention as others, allowing mold and mildew to grow inside your home. Or it might simply cause water damage to your home, and increase your humidity. Regardless of the consequences, if a leak is spotted it should be addressed and taken care of immediately.  

First step is to find the cause, and there can be several. The most prevalent cause of a leading HVAC system is a clogged or disconnected drain pipe, allowing an HVAC system’s drain pan to overflow. It is most likely to happen as the weather warms up, and the AC unit is more frequently used. If you find yourself asking “Why is my HVAC unit leaking?”, it might be time to check the drain line. The drain line can become clogged with dirt, rust, algae and other debris. This blockage can cause an overflow, causing the troubling drips. Do not attempt to fix this problem on your own! A professional will need to disassemble sections of your HVAC system in order to properly clear the passage way, and a DIY cleaning joWhyb could end up with more leaks than before from improperly fastened drain pipes. 

Another possible cause for the troubling question “why is my HVAC filling my house with more water than cold air” is a poorly installed system, that has improperly installed drain pipes. Even if the installation was done by a certified professional, it is still possible that over time the pipes have loosened, and become disconnected from the main unit. The severity of your leak depends on which pipe, the main or secondary, is affected, but a fix shouldn’t be any more difficult than having a professional re-attach the necessary pipes and secure them for longer lasting use. 

If you find your HVAC or AC system leaking, it is important to contact a professional as soon as possible. Leaks can cause serious damage, and most are caused by problems that require advanced training to fix. 

Why is My HVAC So Loud? 

Does your heater keep you up at night, cause you to ask “why is my HVAC unit so loud?”, and generally cause a disruption in the house when all you wanted was hot air? Well, many people experience the same problem, and heaters are likely to have some issues that can cause them to create an unusually large amount of noise, which can be unsettling and lead to larger issues. From issues with fans, filters, and even the nuts and bolts of your heater, loud noises could be the cause of a few different issues, and even though the Greenville South Carolina winters aren’t exactly harsh, it’s nice to have heat when you need it, without the racket. 

First, it is important to check what you can fix right away. A dirty vent or filter can cause a whistling sound throughout the house. To check, simply track down the source of the whistle and check the filter and vent in this location. If it is clogged, and the whistling stops once you’ve removed it, congrats! You’ve managed to find the answer to your question “why is my HVAC so loud” with the least effort possible. Another issue that might cause whistling would be air vents that are too small, which is a much larger issue and may require a complete re-installation.  

Rattling and vibration noises can be very distracting, and there are many ways to solve the problem depending on the source. It is possible that the heater is simply unbalanced, and literally shakes on the floor when running. This can be fixed with a rubber mat or cork board underneath the unit to stabilize it. Just make sure it’s something that can withstand intense heat, otherwise your question might turn from “why is my HVAC making so much noise” to “how do I put out an HVAC fire” which is a much more severe problem to have.  

Another problem would be loose bolts, which is not a DIY fix. Bring in a professional HVAC specialist to fix the loose bits, and secure every bit of your HVAC system to limit the noise generated. It’s important to get this fixed earlier, because once the system starts shaking apart, it will only get worse until a total failure.  

In this week’s round of answer your most search queries for “why is my HVAC…?” We answered two of the most popular searches, why is my HVAC leaking, and why is my HVAC so loud? We found that any leak is a good reason to call an HVAC professional, and that it could be anything from a clogged drain pipe, to a loose installation. We also found that the answer to Why is my HVAC so loud was a little simpler, and could be fixed in home with a rubber or cork matt. It’s always a good idea to contact General Air of Greenville SC for your HVAC needs and questions, even if we covered them here. 

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