Why Build an Air Conditioner Privacy Fence and How?

The air conditioner plays a key role in maintaining a comfortable environment for your home during the hot summers. However, it requires routine maintenance to make sure that it keeps functioning properly. While most homeowners tend to give due attention to the indoor AC units, many ignore the outdoor component of the AC.

The outdoor unit of the AC is typically installed outdoors. Any neglect of this unit can leave the component exposed to dust, debris, natural elements as well as other risks. Over time, such exposure can cause the outdoor unit to malfunction.

A handy remedy for this is to create a privacy fence for the outdoor unit. Such a fence offers a number of standout advantages.

Our Greenville HVAC specialists will go over some of those advantages here.

Advantages of a Privacy Fence

  • Noise mitigation: The outdoor unit of your AC creates a significant amount of noise. This is why most homeowners prefer to have it installed in the remotest corner of their home. When this is not possible, creating a privacy fence around the unit effectively reduces the noise output.
  • Protection: One of the best things about a privacy fence is that it prevents dust, dirt and other forms of debris from flying directly into the outdoor unit. This prevents the unit from becoming clogged with these elements. A good fence will also keep the pets and children from accidentally coming into contact with the unit which can create safety hazards for them.
  • Aesthetics: A standard outdoor unit doesn’t exactly look great on the curbside. You can tackle this by putting some effort into creating a privacy fence that not only protects the outdoor unit but also looks great at the same time.

AC Privacy Fence Options

When it comes to an AC privacy fence, you have virtually endless options. The ultimate aim is to protect the unit while making it look great. Here is a look at some of these options.

  • Wooden fence: A wooden fence can be done as a DIY job or you can hire a professional to create one for you. A typical wooden fence for the AC comprises of horizontal or vertical slabs of wood joined together. The fence should be high enough to fully hide the unit.
  • Vinyl fence: If you are on a budget, a vinyl fence is the best way of adding a screen all around the outdoor unit. You can get a ready-made vinyl fence from the local hardware store or take a DIY approach to building one.
  • Lattice Screen: A lattice screen surrounding the outdoor unit looks super cool while adding a solid layer of protection all around. It is also quite effective in preventing garden overgrowth from coming in contact with the unit.

Building a Privacy Fence for the AC Unit

When building a privacy fence for your AC unit, it is important to take into a consideration the following:

Make sure the fence is high enough. In the case of most outdoor AC units, a fence that is four feet high is quite sufficient. But you may need a higher fence if you have an unusually tall unit. If the outdoor unit is ultimately higher than the fence, the whole purpose of adding the fence fails.

  • Keep the fence breathable. This is to ensure easy and unobstructed air flow around the fence. Obstructions in the air flow can directly impact the performance of the fence. You can strike a balance between aesthetics and practicality by keeping two sides of the fence solid and the other two sides with openings or holes.
  • Add supports to ensure that the fence structure is stable enough. This can be done by adding support braces or including posts on all corners of the fence.
  • Choose materials that offer good weather-resistance as the fence will be perpetually exposed to the outdoor elements.

dHiring Greenville Heating and Air Experts

When left exposed and unprotected, the outdoor unit of your AC can run into problems. This is one of the reasons the air conditioner stops cooling the indoors effectively. If you experience this, it is important to hire Greenville heating and air experts to diagnose and resolve the problem in a timely manner.

Here at General Air, we have been working with Greenville homeowners and businesses for many years. Our experienced and certified technicians are able to resolve outdoor unit issues, no matter the make, model or type of AC you are using. Contact us today to hire our services or consult our technicians for all problems related to AC.

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