What is The Best Winter HVAC Temperature for my Thermostat?

As friends and family gather into your abode, it might become near impossible to please everyone with your winter HVAC temperature. Grandma might get cold, you nephews from the north might start sweating, your sister might sneakily try and change the thermostat at night, and your mother in law might actually be cold blooded.

With each different opinion vying for control of your thermostat, we at General Air of Greenville want to provide you with the most logical reasonings for various setting for your winter HVAC temperature, so you can win every argument and settle every debate. We will explain the most efficient setting for your winter HVAC temperature, the most generally pleasing, and the most biologically desirable temperatures to set your thermostat to this holiday season.

Bring it on relatives

The first and most logical argument, the most efficient setting for your winter HVAC temperature. Heat isn’t free after all!

Most Efficient Winter HVAC Temperature

The most optimal way to execute this concept is with a smart thermostat, which can change your winter HVAC temperature throughout the day and night. This is because the most efficient settings for your thermostat change depending on what time of day it is, and who is occupying the house. During the day, it is most efficient to set your winter HVAC temperature to 68 when you are home.

When the house is unoccupied, 60 or lower is most optimal. This same setting should be used while sleeping. Just set a smart thermostat to heat certain times of the day, and let the sun heat the house while at its peak (11-2). Invest in some blankets and sweaters, because your body might take a little to adjust, but you could wind up saving up to $90 a year on your electricity bills!

The second argument is all about pleasing your guests and has been used by the service industry for years

Most Crowd-Pleasing Winter HVAC Temperature

Out of all the lines of logic presented in this blog, this is one is by far the most widely accepted. If you have got very determined relatives or housemates, this will keep them best at bay. The optimal setting, used in most restaurants, malls, and public places is 71. This setting generally keeps your populous warm, but not so hot as to start sweating. Maintaining these winter HVAC temperatures will keep your bills up though, as there are few months in the year where this setting is easily attainable.

The efficiency of this setting can be increased, making the most hospitable of the winter HVAC temperatures slightly more bearable, by programming the thermostat to lower the temperature during the hours of the day when no one is home, and during sleeping hours. A decrease of as much as 5 degrees can save up to 5% on your electricity bill. Also, while more people are present in the house, body heat can help supplement your winter HVAC temperature. The more people in the room, the more you can decrease your thermostat’s workload.

Lastly, it’s all about your body

Best Winter HVAC Temperature for Your Body

The final solution is a good and definitive option for someone who is overly logical. Finding the best temperature for your body to be at, during various parts of the day, with science backing you up. Right away, the most optimal winter HVAC temperature for sleep, is 65 degrees according to the Wall Street Journal. This temperature is perfect for telling your brain to release melatonin, and begin the sleep process. This is also a great energy saving temperature!

During the day, it is best to make sure the difference between the temperature outside and inside is not so extreme as to make people uncomfortable. Now opinions on this exact temperature vary, but when it is below freezing General Air of Greenville SC recommends no hotter than 69. This will maintain comfortable levels, but not make anyone uncomfortable. When the temperature is above freezing, keeping the thermostat below 72 is the best way to ensure maximum comfort.

Now that we have covered some definitive reasonings on why some winter HVAC temperature options are better than the other, it is important to say it is still your home! Set your thermostat to whatever you like, and make sure that you, not your grandma, sister in law, nephew, or anyone else determine that. Keep your home warm, cold, efficient, pleasing, or however, you so choose. Installing a smart thermostat can help regulate temperatures, making sure you are saving money without even noticing it. Warming your house before you return from work, allowing it to cool during the night, all while you remain blissfully unaware.

Please contact the winter HVAC temperature experts at General Air of Greenville South Carolina for any further questions about heating your home, and any HVAC needs and concerns.

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