What Are Ductless Mini Split Systems?

Ductless mini split systems offer an alternative method of cooling for your home in contrast to the ducted air conditioning systems. Ductless systems have no ducts. They typically comprise of an indoor component and an outdoor compressor. The two parts are connected via tubes which contain the refrigerant and a drainage cable which removes the moisture from indoors.

Ductless systems offer a number of distinct advantages when compared to the conventional central cooling systems. Our Greenville HVAC specialists will take a look at these benefits.

Benefits of Using Ductless Systems

Quick and Easy Installation

Ductless systems are incredibly easy to install. Typically, all they need is a three-inch hole in the wall to connect the indoor and the outdoor unit. As a result, ductless systems can be installed in virtually no time. A new ductless system can usually be installed in a space in a matter of hours. This is contrast to ducted systems which needs ducting to be installed along or inside the walls so that the installation process can take several days.


With a central air conditioning system, it is not possible to establish separate temperature zones. Instead, the central system will apply a uniform temperature setting on all zones. Ductless mini systems, however, are installed for smaller areas, such as separate rooms. This allows you to control the temperature settings of each room and treat it as a distinct temperature zone. For homes where several families reside or apartments where different tenants may occupy different rooms, ductless systems are an excellent solution for temperature zoning.

Energy Savings

When it comes to ducted systems, energy losses through the ductwork can be as much as 30%. This is simply because as the cooled air travels through the ducts, it loses its coolness and in turn forces the compressor to exert more. This problem doesn’t exist in ductless systems, as there are no ducts. As a result, ductless mini split systems ensure better energy efficiency and lead to significant energy savings.

Rebates and Tax Credits

Given their improved energy efficiency, ductless mini systems are preferred by many utility companies. In fact, some utility companies also offer rebates and tax credits if you use ductless systems at your home. By checking with your local authorities and utility provider, you may be able to enjoy these benefits and further reduce your annual energy costs.

Improved Air Quality

A common nuisance with the traditional ducted systems is that they need to be regularly cleaned, or they will start to circulate various pollutants throughout your home. Cleaning ducted systems is also a hassle and you may need to hire professionals to do the job. Ductless systems, on the other hand, are far more effective in blocking pollutants by using multiple levels of filtration. The filtration cartridges used in these systems are also maintenance-friendly. You can simply remove them and wash or replace them on a regular basis.

Flexible Design

A great thing about ductless systems is that their indoor units can be incorporated into the interior design in many versatile ways. You can add an indoor unit into a drop ceiling, mount one on the wall, or get a floor-standing model. It is also possible to have the indoor unit hanging from the ceiling. This means that you can choose from different indoor mounting options, depending on your interior space and décor.

Disadvantages of Using Ductless Systems

Although ductless mini split systems come with a broad range of benefits some of which are listed above, they also have some disadvantages. The most stand-out downside to them is the upfront installation cost. Compared to central air conditioning systems, ductless systems typically cost more. You may also need to put in extra effort to find professionals who deal in ductless systems, as they are not as widespread as central heating units. Finally, the aesthetic finish of a ductless system, in terms of its indoor unit, is not as inconspicuous as the built-in central systems.

Hiring Greenville HVAC Experts

If you are looking to have ductless mini splits installed on your property, we have got you covered. We work with new installations as well as replacements so that if you want to replace a central system with ductless systems, we can handle that.
Here at General Air, we have been serving homeowners and business across Greenville for many years. We take pride in delivering a top-quality service, ensuring customer satisfaction. Our HVAC experts are equipped to perform HVAC installations, repairs, maintenance and replacements. Contact us today to get a free estimate or consult our technicians on HVAC issues.

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