Tips For Home Energy Efficient and Consumption

The following are some simple tips that can help you cut back on the amount of energy being consumed by your system:

[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Replace filters every 30 days.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Do not block air return grilles in your home.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Keep doors and windows closed while running the unit.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Weather-strip doors and windows.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Insulate your attic, walls, and floor.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Keep windows facing the sun covered with drapes or mini-blinds.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Keep the thermostat set at one comfortable temperature. Adjust at night if needed.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]When adjusting the thermostat, move the set point in small intervals.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Keep outdoor units free from shrubs, plants, bushes, or grass grown over the coil fins[/list]

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