Three Possible Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning System Is NOT Cooling


During this time of year it is hot and you need your air conditioning system to work.  The worst thing that can happen when it is 100 degrees outside is for your air conditioner to stop working.  There are usually 3 major issues that can occur and I will also tell you how a General Air HVAC technician can fix the problem.

1.  Refrigerant Leak in the System

This is one of the most common issues that occurs during the spring and summer months.  A lot of times this is an issue because a customer does not want to get the leak fixed and so we go out every year and put refrigerant into the unit for a temporary fix. The best solution to the problem is to get the leak fixed. Sometimes this means replacing a coil or repairing a copper line. Whatever the repair might be, consider the cost because maybe you could have paid for the repair versus adding refrigerant to the system for the second or third time.  Also, don’t forget that air conditioning systems are NOT supposed to leak so get the leak repaired!

2.  Clogged Air Filter

This is another common issue that can cause your system to not cool and if you read my blogs regularly than you have heard me talk about this before.  A clogged filter can happen quickly, even soon after you replace it.  It all depends on your home environment.  If you have pets, plants, or just a dirty home than your filter will get dirty faster than someone else that might not have these things in their home.  If you consistently have clogged air filters every 3 to 5 months than maybe it is time to consider an air purifier?

3.  Mechanical Issues

A lot of times during the summer months your air conditioning system can run all afternoon if not all day!  This is hard on the mechanical equipment inside of the outside unit and inside unit. Most of the time your outdoor units fan motor will go bad but if you have a major problem than your compressor could lock down as well.  This is not good because the compressor is the heart of the system and no refrigerant can be moved without it.  The usual fix is replacing a bad fan motor but sometimes we have to replace the compressor.  This can be a costly repair, so make sure you are having your system checked once or twice annually to help prevent these problems from happening during times when you need them the most!

Again these are only common issues that we see almost every day. Uncommon issues can occur as well so keep that in mind.  Make sure you have your system looked at before extreme weather occurs and you can have some peace of mind knowing that your system is going to keep your warm or cool.

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