Summertime HVAC Guide

In Greenville South Carolina, it seemed a lot like we totally skipped spring. The entire area went from 50 degree weather, headlong into 70 and 80 degree weather, with 90 degree weather just around the corner. With this weather, comes the need to make and execute a summertime HVAC plan! We at General Air of Greenville SC want to make sure you are prepared for this blistering summer, with a summertime HVAC plan that will help you stay comfortable, while saving money and making sure your air quality is at the highest level it can be.

The biggest problem with Greenville SC summers, is the potent mix of extreme heat and humidity. Sudden storms and high 90 degree weather can make for unpredictable conditions and increase the difficulty of cooling and maintaining a reasonable indoor temperature. Your summertime HVAC plan should work to manage these issues, keeping your home cool, but not draining your bank account. It is also important to remember to keep the humidity level down in your home – as this humidity can make it more difficult to cool your home.  We will start your summertime HVAC plan with how to best maintain the temperature in your home, how to handle your humidity, checking up on your insulation, some nighttime guides, and the best way to keep your air moving throughout the summer.

Starting off the summertime HVAC plan, we want to guide you on how to maintain a comfortable air conditioning level in your home without burning a hole in your wallet. To start, you should plan how cool you want to keep your house during the day. Plan for the AC to be much higher when you are not home, raising or completely turning off the air conditioning while not at home to save money every month on your energy bill. Smart thermostats can help set the air conditioning to cool by the time you arrive, still saving you money, but maximizing your comfort levels. You might have to change the AC levels as your summertime HVAC plan evolves as the heat gets more intense. So if your AC unit is set to 76 while you are gone, but the outdoor temperature reaches as high at 95, you might save more money by raising your AC temperature to 80 while you’re not home. When you arrive home, slowly raising the level you set your AC to during the day could also save you money, leaving the house at 74 instead of 70 could save up to 20% on your energy bill. Slowly testing out how warm you can keep your home while sleeping can also help, as most people need colder temperatures at night.

It is also important to keep an eye on your humidity levels for your summertime HVAC plan. As inclement weather makes its way through your area, prepare accordingly. As humidity rises, try to lower the humidity with a dehumidifier, to decrease the chances of harmful mildew growing in your vents. Using a dehumidifier can also help increase your air quality. In some climates, like arid or midwestern climates, it is important to compensate for the dry air with a humidifier. If you have an electric heater, it will drain the humidity out of the air. A gas heater though will keep your humidity levels higher, allowing less intervention from humidifiers or dehumidifiers. Throughout the seasons, keep an eye on the humidity for your summertime HVAC plan, and balance your plan based on the external weather conditions. You should get in contact with an expert at General Air of Greenville South Carolina for a more in depth and personalized opinion.

Another key part of your summertime HVAC plan is to keep an eye on your insulation in your home. Insulation is designed not only to keep in the warmth from the cold, but also to keep the cold inside during the summer. Keep an eye out around your home for air leaks, which can be a sign of weak spots in your insulation. Hold your hand around corners and thin spots of your wall, so you can check your insulation levels. Your summertime HVAC plan should really focus on maintaining your insulation, so as best to increase your energy efficiency. Also, it is best to lock your windows, which can be a huge way to increase your energy efficiency.

An important part of your summertime HVAC plan is to adjust your temperature as the day progresses. During peak sunlight hours, it can cost a significant amount extra in energy bills to keep your house cooled, and is probably best not to run the AC at maximum at this time. But, as the sun sets, it could be a part of your summertime HVAC plan to lower the temperature for nighttime comfort. As the night goes on, you can lower the temperature, but it is important to remember that the higher you can keep the temperature, the lower your summertime HVAC energy bills. It might be wise to slowly increase the temperature you sleep at during the night, so that you can find a balance between your comfort level, and your energy bills. It is also worth noting that your impression of temperature is very easily influence by the motion of air. So it should be a part of your summertime HVAC plan to purchase fans, and install them throughout the house. This motion can help keep your temperature higher, while keeping your comfort levels high.

Get in contact with General Air of Greenville SC for more information on how to setup your summertime HVAC plan, and how to optimize your home for your HVAC system. The experts at General Air are ready to help you plan and execute your summertime HVAC plan. Contact us today.

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