Signs That You Should Repair or Replace the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is one of the key components of an air conditioning system. The coil essentially absorbs heat from the indoor air and then uses a refrigerant to cool down this air. It likewise removes excess humidity from indoors to achieve a dry and cool environment.

However, an evaporator coil can run into problems. Problems with this coil directly impact the performance of your air conditioning. If the coil is not functioning properly, for instance, your AC won’t offer the expected degree of cooling. At the same time, the AC may start consuming more energy.

This is why it is important to identify and resolve evaporator coil problems in time. Here is a look at some telltale signs that your coil needs repairs or replacement. Contact one of our Greenville HVAC specialists if you notice one of these signs:

Poor Cooling

This one is obvious. The basic task of the evaporator coil is to cool the air. When you experience that your AC is not cooling the air properly or if it is blowing hot air altogether, this may be a sign that the evaporator coil has a problem. Over time, the coil can deteriorate, develop corrosion or become damaged in some other way. This prevents it from absorbing heat from the surrounding air, forcing your AC to blow out warm air instead.

Frost Build Up

Another common concern with evaporator coils is that they can develop frost build up. This is a particularly annoying problem as it forces your AC to turn on and off more often, consuming a lot more energy than it should. The increase in cycling frequency is simply because the coil is unable to cool the surrounding air due to frost buildup on its surface. When you experience this in a new AC unit, it may be possible for a qualified HVAC professional to repair the coil. However if the problem occurs in an older unit, you will very likely need to have the coil replaced.


You may see water dripping from a coil. In smaller quantities, this is fine as it is simply the water that has been condensed from the indoor atmosphere. However, excessive water leakage in the coil area means that there is a more serious problem. Sometimes, this can be due to damage to the coil itself.

Unusual Noises and Sounds

Often, the air conditioning unit will produce unusual sounds and noises when it has a problematic evaporator coil. Sounds such as hissing, clanging or banging may indicate that the coil needs to be repaired or replaced. These sounds are often also associated with other AC problems as well. So you will need an HVAC pro to investigate these sounds and determine if they are being caused by the evaporator coil.

Dirt and Deposits

Over time, dirt and other forms of debris may become deposited on a coil. These layers then prevent the warm air from becoming directly in contact with the coil, affecting the performance of the AC unit. If the dirt and debris is not removed in time, it can become permanently lodged on the coil, also contributing to corrosion and other issues.


Corrosion in evaporator coils occurs for a variety of reasons. Most notably, chemical sprays that are used in home can become mixed with the condensed air and come in contact with the evaporator coil. These chemicals then cause corrosion which creates tiny leaks in the coil. A quick telltale sign of this is when you an oily deposit on the evaporator surface or in the drain pan. Once a coil developed corrosion-related leaks, it is best to have it replaced.

Sometimes, you can resolve a problem with the evaporator coil by having a smaller part replaced. At other times, you will need to have the entire coil replaced. Repairs are often possible but not feasible as they can be costly. This is why replacement is more often advised for coil problems.

Hiring Reliable HVAC Contractors in Greenville SC

If you live in Greenville SC and want an HVAC professional to check out your AC’s evaporator coil, we can help you. Here at General Air, we have been offering world-class HVAC services to businesses and homeowners across Greenville. Our HVAC contractors in Greenville SC can inspect, repair or replace the evaporator coils. We are also equipped and experienced in handling virtually any other HVAC problems. Whether you want the installation, repair, replacement, service or maintenance of a part or the whole, we have got you covered. Contact us today to hire our services, get a quote or receive free HVAC advice.

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