How to Choose between Repairing and Replacing Your Heating System

Whether you should have your heating system repaired or replaced depends on a number of factors. You are typically faced with this question when your heating system breaks down. At this occasion, you have to make the decision. Repairs are quick, cost less and involve less hassle. However, there’s more to the picture. Here is a look at the important factors you should consider when choosing between repairing and replacing your heating system.

Age of the Unit

The average life of a furnace unit is around 15 to 20 years. As a heating system ages, its efficiency diminishes and repairs become more costly. When the system malfunctions, you should get a general estimate of the costs of the repairs. If this amount is close to nearly 50% of the overall cost of the unit, you should prefer a replacement over repairs. Typically, repair costs become less feasible once a heating system is past the 10-year mark. Instead of spending enormous amounts on expensive repairs, you can simply dish out a little more and get an all-new heating system with improved efficiency and other benefits.

Features You Want

Newer heating systems come with a more comprehensive range of features compared to older systems. For instance, more cutting-edge systems do a better job at filtering pollutants from the indoor air and ensuring low humidity. An old system may not offer these features. If your heating system runs into trouble and you are considering repairs, you should consider the features you want and need in your heating system. If your current system sufficiently meets these needs and the repair costs are not too steep, you may go ahead with the repair. If the system lacks key feature that you need now, you may consider system replacement.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a heating system is an important consideration in the repair or replacement debate. As mentioned above, heating systems become less energy-efficient when they are halfway through their stated lifespan. This means that they exert more to achieve the same amount of heating, driving up the annual energy costs. Such a system may not cost too much to repair. However, when compared to a newer heating system, the long-term energy bills may make replacement a more viable and cost-effective option.

Costs Involved

When you are wondering whether to have your heating system repaired or replaced, you need to consider the both long-term and short-term costs involved. For a repair, short-term costs involve the immediate amount you will spend on the materials and labor involved. Long-term costs are the expected repairs and maintenance costs of the system. For a system replacement, short-term cost is the amount required to have the system replaced. For long-term costs, you must factor in energy savings and other benefits. Both short-term and long-term costs must be considered to get a clearer picture so that you make the right choice.

Rebates and Incentives

Many new heating systems with eco-friendly technologies come with better efficiency. At the same time, tax incentives and rebates are available if you install such a system. These incentives are worth looking into when you want to decide between repairing or replacing your heating system. Even though repairs may cost less in a given case, tax incentives on a replacement may outweigh the low cost of repairs, making it a far better investment. Your local utility company may also offer rebates when you choose to have your older heating system replaced. Make sure you check out the rebates and tax incentives available on energy-efficienct products in South Carolina before you make your decision.

Safety Hazards

Safety is a key concern when you are considering any component of your HVAC system. This particularly applies to the heating system as it consumes fuel and produces carbon monoxide in the process which is a poisonous gas. Older systems produce larger amounts of carbon monoxide in comparison. If you have an old system which has a faulty heat exchanger, you should prefer replacement over repairs for safety purposes.

Call General Air for Help Repairing or Replacing Your Heating System

If you are looking to have your heating system repaired or replaced, you will need the help of a quality contractor. Here at General Air, we have Greenville heating and air technicians who can take care of all your HVAC needs. Simply call us and let us know whether you are looking for a new installation, repairs or replacement. Our technicians will be with you in no time to get the job done.

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