To Repair or Replace? That is the Question.

Did your electric bills suddenly increase? Maybe you notice a leak coming from your unit, or you just can’t seem to attain the same comfortable temperature that you’re used to having in your home. You know that something is malfunctioning and that it is time to get your unit checked. The question then becomes, should you repair or replace?

Many homeowners believe that replacement is the better option since they can start fresh with no issues, while many others believe repairs are more cost efficient and just as reliable. The truth is that the difference between repair and replacement relies on a number of factors.

  1. Is your unit more than 10 years old? If not, then repair may be your best option. As long as your furnace is still managing to heat your home despite the malfunctions, then there is no reason to replace the entire system. The same is true for air conditioning.
  2. Consider the “5,000 rule” when making your decision. If you take the age of your equipment and multiple that by the cost of the repair, the number should exceed no more than $5,000. If it does, as is more likely with older equipment, then it may be time for a replacement.
  3. Consider the frequency of repairs. Older systems tend to fail over and over again until they ultimately stop working. If you find yourself repairing your system too frequently with recurring repair costs, it may be time to replace.
  4. Is your unit too small for your home? If so, then your overall heating and air requirements may be too high for your current unit. This can severely strain its capacities and eventually lead to its complete breakdown. If your unit is not powerful enough for your needs then it is time to replace it.
  5. Is your unit energy-efficient? If you experience unnecessarily high electricity bills due to inefficiency, and have a unit more than 10 years old, then it is recommended that you replace your unit with an energy-efficient alternative.

When it comes to making the final decision to repair or replace your unit, it is always best to rely on the recommendations of a professional. Only an HVAC professional with the relevant experience and credentials for diagnosing your heating and/or air conditioning system can truly assess the condition of your unit.

If you believe you are having a problem with your HVAC system, General Air is fully equipped to provide accurate assessments and recommendations, with full-service technicians to meet your repair or replacement needs. It is important to get your unit checked as soon as you notice a problem, so do not hesitate to contact General Air to get your heating and air systems operating smoothly again in no time.

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