Record Setting Heatwave Hits The Southern U.S.

It seems that the South of the United States cannot catch a break as far as the weather is concerned. Florida narrowly avoided the devastation of Hurricane Dorian that caused such misery in the Bahamas – and now the South is suffering from sweltering weather.

Places such as Jacksonville, Florida, and Charleston (South Carolina) experienced record-setting temperatures on Saturday. Weather forecasters say that the sky-high temperatures, fueled by a strong high-pressure system will continue to hover over the region until the end of the week.

The second week of September usually sees temperatures between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but the forecast is for highs of between 90 and 100.

Atlanta will experience highs that are only just shy of the records that have been set in past years. The last time that temperatures this high were experienced in the South was in 1925 when a consecutive eight-day streak saw temperatures skyrocket. That was a record-setting period – and it has just been broken – albeit marginally. Atlanta was just one degree shy of 1925 records. forecasts for New Orleans, Montgomery, Nashville and Birmingham (Alabama) are also expected to boast temperatures that will fall only just short of record highs.

However, that fact is cold comfort to those in these cities. Humidity, wind, and sunshine will lead inhabitants to experience temperatures that feel a significant amount hotter than that shown on thermometers. Adding to the misery is the fact that (at least in the short term) the expected weather patterns do not promise a thunderstorm or even alight shower to cool things down.

The unmoving air mass across the region will also cause air pollution levels to spike.

The medium-term forecast does offer the hope of cooler days. Accuweather Forecasters are hopeful that a ‘tropical wave’ may alleviate some of the discomfort by bringing showers that will lower temperatures to below the record levels currently being experienced.

Meanwhile – those in the South need to keep hydrated and stay in the shade. Ice tea and a covered porch seem like perfect solutions.

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