How to Prepare your HVAC for Fluctuating Weather


If you live in South Carolina, you know that weather this time of year is… strange. One second it could be freezing, snowing, windy, and pretty miserable. But the next day South Carolina weather could decide it is time for a change, and out comes the sun, bringing with it humidity, 75-degree weather, and a light spring breeze. But the questions is, how do you prepare your HVAC for this unpredictable weather? Do you leave your windows open when it is nice out, risking a cold snap to chill your house? Do you build up some heat in your home over a cold winters day, only to have it be even warmer outside the next day? We at General Air of Greenville South Carolina want to help you best prepare your HVAC for this unpredictable weather.

How to Prepare your HVAC for Saving Energy

When the weather takes a turn for the unpredictable, one of the most prominent ways it affects your life is in your electricity and gas bills. Switching from heating, to cooling, opening windows, bundling up, can keep your HVAC constantly running in one way or another. This can add up quick, costing more than double your standard electricity bill, without seeing many real benefits.

Keep these fluctuations down by establishing temperature settings for certain Greenville South Carolina weather conditions. A good way to mitigate spending during warm fluctuations is to let your thermostat stay on Auto, and Heat at a low temperature (we recommend 67). This may allow your home to get a little toasty during the day, but when the temperature takes the inevitable dive back down at night, you will have prepared your HVAC to heat appropriately during your sleeping hours.

Similarly, if you fear a cold snap, but the standard temperature is a comfortable range for you it might be worth leaving the windows open and monitoring the cold levels. Having the HVAC set to cool to a very high temperature, such as 76 or higher, and closing the windows before night can help keep your house a comfortable temperature without spending any additional money.

How to Prepare your HVAC for Staying Comfortable

Unpredictable weather can not only hurt your wallet, but also your comfort levels. No one likes waking up to freezing temperatures after throwing off the blankets in a fit of heat and exhaustion. Maintaining comfortable temperatures does require a little planning and forethought, but once your start implementing these systems, you can best prepare your HVAC for staying comfortable.

When the temperature is warm in Greenville SC, it might seem counterintuitive to set your thermostat to heat, but it is exactly what you will want to do at night during these unstable seasons. During the day, you might prepare your HVAC to cool your house to 72 or whatever you find most comfortable, but at night the best way to maintain a comfortable temperature is to set your thermostat to heat at 72. This can incur extra costs, because your HVAC system is constantly running all day, but it will prepare your HVAC to keep you at your most comfortable, at all times.

Technology Can Help Prepare Your HVAC

One of the best ways to prepare your HVAC for fluctuating weather, is to install a smart thermostat. These wonders of technology can be charted to your schedule, monitor the weather and temperature, and be programmed to do a host of all other things. These prepare your HVAC to maintain a temperature within certain thresholds, allowing you to program it to cool if the temperature reaches above 74, but heat if it dips below 65.  This can cost extra on your bills, due to the changing modes of your HVAC system, but it can guarantee your temperature remains within your comfort levels.
Balance this out by programming the thermostat to turn off heating and cooling when the house is empty, or during the hottest or coolest hours of the day. By having a programmable thermostat, you can save or spend as much money as you are willing to.

Regular Cleaning, Insulation

Sure, setting your thermostat is a great way to prepare your HVAC for random weather change, but what about preparing your HVAC to best cool and heat your room? To best combat changing weather, your HVAC has to be able to act fast, and efficiently. The best way to make sure this is a reality is to schedule and perform regular cleaning and maintenance. Dust and other airborne items can clog your HVAC unit, and its filters. Making sure to regularly clean these can keep your house cooler when it is warm, and warmer when it is cool.

Also, making sure to invest in the best insulation possible will help maintain stable temperatures. A common misconception is that insulation keeps your home warm, but in reality it keeps your home the same. Insulation can keep a house cool or hot, depending on the thermostat.

When keeping your home stable in unstable conditions, the most important thing is to prepare. Prepare your HVAC to maintain your most comfortable temperature in order to make sure your house is always perfect. Whether your focus is maintaining a low cost, or the perfect temperature, our steps can help insure you get what you want. Prepare your HVAC even further for fluctuating weather by investing in some advanced insulation, or scheduling regular repairs and cleanings with General Air of Greenville South Carolina, contact us today to get ahead of the weather.

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