Signs Your Furnace is Overheating And Its Causes

During the winter, the smooth operation of the HVAC heating system is vital to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature. However, the furnace can run into a whole host of problems. One of these is the sudden overheating of the furnace.

For many homeowners, furnace heating is easy to detect because of certain obvious signs. But in many cases, you may have to look for the less obvious signs to identify the problem.

Here is a look at some of the most common furnace overheating signs and the causes that typically lead the furnace to heat up.

Signs of Furnace Overheating

Common symptoms of an overheating furnace include:

The Odor

This is the most common and obvious sign of furnace overheating. You may sense a burning odor coming through the vents. This is typically when the furnace begins to overheat and the increased temperatures start to wreak havoc with its internal components.

Frequent On-Off

Another giveaway of furnace overheating is that the furnace may turn on and off again and again. When the furnace unit heats up, a safety feature may trip the unit and cause it to cease operation. Once the unit cools down, it restarts and then overheats once again, causing another trip. This On-Off loop may continue indefinitely. It leads the furnace to consume huge amounts of energy while at the same time putting the unit at risk of permanent damage.

Noisy Furnace

You may hear odd noises coming from the furnace. Typically, these noises will be loud such as bangs and clanks. A furnace may be noisy when it is overexerting, which ultimately leads to overheating. A second reason could be that the overheating has caused furnace components to malfunction, causing them to make strange noises. In either case, the noise should prompt you to check for other signs such as a burning smell.

Causes of Furnace Overheating

The signs listed above provide a handy way of identifying furnace overheating. However, it is equally important to understand precisely what causes the furnace to overheat. It is only then that you can find suitable solutions to resolve the problem. Here are some of the most common causes of furnace overheating:

Restricted Airflow

The heated air from the furnace travels through the air filter and ducts to the vents. If there is an obstruction in the flow of heated air, it bottles up the air and causes the internal components to heat up. This ultimately causes the furnace to overheat. You can identify this if the airflow through the vents is noticeably reduced. A quick solution to the problem is to check the air filter and replace or wash it if it is dirty. If the obstruction is somewhere along with the ductwork, you can hire a professional to take care of it.

Short Cycling

Another common cause of furnace overheating is short cycling. This happens when the furnace turns off too soon before adequately heating the indoor space. As space isn’t suitably heated, the furnace then turns on again. This leads to briefer on and off cycles, causing the furnace heat exchanger and blower motor to heat up. If not resolved in a timely manner, short cycling can leave the furnace unit with permanent damage.

End of Lifecycle

If you have a furnace that is very old, it may have certain internal components that have started to fail. When this is the case, the faulty components can lead to a variety of problems resulting in overheating of the furnace. If this is causing the overheating problem, you will very likely need to have the furnace unit replaced.

Dirt Deposits

Apart from the air filter, there are a number of other furnace components that can incur dust and dirt over time. These include components like the air conditioning coil and the furnace blower wheel. Deposits of this kind of debris can choke up the proper air exchange and flow, causing the furnace to overheat.

Hiring Experts for HVAC Repair in Greenville SC

If you are experiencing furnace overheating problems, it is best to consult qualified professionals. The right experts will be able to identify, locate, and resolve the problem in a timely manner. This helps you avoid expensive repairs or replacements down the road.

Here at General Air, we have been serving the HVAC needs of Greenville homeowners and businesses alike for many years. Our trained HVAC technicians can handle maintenance, repair, replacements, and installations. We can also work with furnaces of all makes and models, both old and new. Call us today to schedule an inspection or consult our experts.

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