Our HVAC Advice Part 1

We have given you, the reader, a ton of HVAC advice over the months. Each and every single piece goes deep into why, how, and when you should maintain your HVAC and other housekeeping needs. So we thought, why not condense this advice into a more manageable format, over two weeks. SO WE DID! This is your definitive collection of HVAC Advice, Part 1.


First off is the most frequently given piece of HVAC advice we write about on this blog, changing your filters. This HVAC advice is most frequently written here because it is the most helpful and easiest for you to do at home with regularity. So, although we’ve said this piece of HVAC advice almost every time we get the chance, it bears repeating, change your filters! This can help create cleaner air because it is being better filtered. It can also lower your electric bills drastically because it is easier for air to circulate. This makes your pump work less hard. This also helps cool your home faster and more efficiently. Cleaning your filters can also drastically increase your air quality! When you change your filter, it is obvious that this would filter your air better, but a dirty filter can recirculate in your air if it remains unchanged. That’s why this piece of HVAC advice is so important, without regular changing of your air filter, your air can actually drop in quality. This can cause serious issues, especially in infants and older people.  So, take our HVAC advice and change your filters! It can save you money, increase your air quality, and make your home cool or heat faster.


This next piece of HVAC advice can help extend the life of your HVAC unit, as well as lower your energy costs! It’s a simple piece of advice, just turn off your thermostat. Away from your house? It is probably best just to let your thermostat rest, especially if you’re going to be gone during noon, as that is the hottest part of the day. A good rule of thumb to use is that if you are going to be away for more than 5 hours during a day, it’s best to turn off the thermostat if you can. Why would you not be able to? Well, if you have pets it might not be in their best interest to be too cold or hot, if the forecast calls for an extreme in either direction. This HVAC advice is best taken with some practical thinking – because it will only save you energy if it stays off for more than 5 hours. You could even have the air conditioning off until you get ready to go to bed, prepping the house for however is best to sleep. This piece of HVAC advice can save you money by reducing the running time of your HVAC unit, and extend the life of your unit by not making it work hard when no one is using the cooled or heated air in your home.


Planning is the name of the game with this HVAC advice, and it involves a sizeable investment. This HVAC advice brings to light the benefits of double panned windows. These incredible pieces of home décor can save massive amounts on your energy bill. The only drawback is the initial investment, but if you are living in a house you plan on calling home for several years, you will probably see a return on that investment in your energy bills. The reason is, is that your windows are some of the biggest leaks of your house’s temperature. Hot air gets in, warm air gets out, and so on and so forth. Double panned windows help increase your insulation, keeping your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The reason this is HVAC advice though, is that this can help your HVAC work less. Maintaining temperature is easier with a better insulated house, an if the HVAC unit is working less, that means your energy bill is lower, and your HVAC will last longer.

Our most recent article discussed how to keep from being scammed, and that’s this piece of HVAC advice, use a General Air professional! Most people don’t know how they might be being scammed, so these five points can help prevent you from wasting money


  • That needs replaced!
    • Excessively being told that an item is bad, without any real cause is a big sign
    • If you don’t think anything is wrong, there probably isn’t anything wrong. Get a second opinion to verify this
  • Bigger is better
    • The bigger the HVAC unit the better right?
      • Wrong!
      • Can waste energy
      • Costs more to install and maintain
      • Less efficient
    • Too small is also a problem
      • They will wear down much faster
    • Free inspection!
      • This might seem nice but you must make sure they work for a reputable company
        • Are they in a branded truck?
          • If not, you shouldn’t let them in!
    • Used parts
      • Never accept used parts
        • Can cause an uneven distribution of work amongst your HVAC unit
          • Newer parts will wear faster
        • Always buy new, or you might have to buy much more
    • Too many Tune-ups
      • Don’t let them tune your HVAC unit more than twice a year, before each major seasonal change.
        • They’re just ripping you off, and not doing anything.


These are this week’s 5 pieces of HVAC advice. Stay tuned for the coming weeks for more, and remember, when in doubt, call a General Air specialist.  

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