How To Make Your Home Cooling Systems More Eco-Friendly

Summertime in North America is usually a hot and humid affair for most people. Hence, most people use air conditioners. Unfortunately, this is not a cheap undertaking. Depending on the usage, the average electricity bills can range from $100-$400 a month. But without an air conditioner, life can be pretty miserable during the summer. There are several other ways to use air conditioning while ensuring your energy costs do not shoot through the roof. Here are a few tips to cool your home that are eco-friendly and cost-effective.”

Energy efficient air conditioning units: If you are considering using an air conditioner, make sure it is energy efficient. Energy star rated air conditioners utilize less power, cool the home efficiently, and also result in lower bills. The newer generation of air conditioning units also have minimal or no greenhouse gas emissions. But first, you need to select the right unit for your home, and secondly, you need an HVAC professional to install it.

Ceiling fan: Most people do not realize that a ceiling fan can make the room feel cool. Newer models make very little noise, which is a major reason why people do not like fans. The ceiling fan draws in fresh air and cools the air inside the home while getting rid of the warm air through the vents. If properly installed, ceiling fans are durable and a great way to keep the home cool. You can also use both – air conditioning on low and a ceiling fan which together can make a good combination when it’s very hot, but you don’t want to run the air conditioner for too long or at too high a speed.

Heat barriers: There are many types of heat shields available that can decrease the penetration of the heat of the sun through the windows. Common heat barriers include films and sunscreen fabrics. In addition, double glazed windows have a pocket of air what can also act as a barrier to the sun’s rays. Another option is to paint the roof with reflective paint that keeps the heat away and maintains the home cool. Again, while these will not allow you to stop using air conditioners altogether, they will help you keep your room cool without putting too much pressure on your cooling unit.

The right pane: Technological advances have led to the development of window panes that act as barriers towards heat and keep the home cool. This is a great eco-friendly way to keep the home cool and is a good long term investment. You will see the difference in how your cooling system works with the right type of window panes.

Plant trees: The benefits of planting trees are enormous. Not only do trees improve the aesthetics of the home, but the shade from the tree can lessen the heat. For those living in an apartment, one can have a small garden in the balcony. The leaves of all plants absorb heat and release oxygen and water vapor into the environment, which results in a cooling effect. Also, planting trees is always a good idea. It helps you, and it helps our environment.

Insulate the home: One great way to keep the home cool during the summer and warm during the winter is to ensure that the home is well insulated. Make sure all the leaks around the doors and windows are sealed as this will prevent the cool air from escaping and make your cooling systems much more efficient. It will also help save on your energy bills.

General Air Conditioning Services Corporation- Your Reliable HVAC Contractor in Greenville, SC

We understand that for maximum comfort, most people will be using air conditioners to keep their homes nice and cool. But selecting the right air conditioner is very important, and getting it installed by professionals can make your job much easier and prevent any long-term issues with your unit. There are many types of air conditioners to choose from. It is best to discuss what would be the best choice for your home with a professional. Call our HVAC contractor in Greenville at General Air. We can help you choose, and we can install it for you. We also offer excellent maintenance programs so that your unit can last longer and provide optimum cooling without putting a dent in your pocket. Call us today at 864-633-5664 or schedule an appointment online by visiting our website.

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