Lint Build-Up Leads To Dryer Vent Fires Every Year

Winter is known for many things, including rain, wind, snow and dyer vent fires. Yes, the risk of dryer vent fires goes up as the thermostat goes down. Because heavier clothes like sweaters and jackets, as well as blankets, shed more lint than other clothing, chances are your dryer is accumulating more lint during the winter than normal.

Cleaning your lint trap is a good place to start, but the real risk of fire is usually deep inside your dryer vent where it can’t be seen. Contacting an experienced company like General Air Conditioning to get your dryer vents cleaned after the winter months is a good idea for anyone.

So how do you know if your vents are in need of a cleaning? There are two main warning signals. First, if your clothes take longer than normal to dry then you might have excessive lint buildup. Second, if you notice that your laundry room is warmer than usual when your dryer is running, your risk of a dryer vent fire could be greater.

If you are experiencing either of these issues, then now is probably the right time to call General Air at (864) 299-8979 to get your dryer vent cleaned. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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