Is My HVAC Contractor Scamming Me? 5 Ways Your Contractor Could HVAC Scam You

It’s an unfortunate reality, but scammers are everywhere. No longer relegated to used car lots and call centers, the art of the scam has permeated everything, including HVAC repair. So how do you avoid being the subject of an HVAC scam? Keep an eye out for these five likely tricks, or start with a trusted contractor from General Air of Greenville South Carolina. In this blog we will highlight seven likely HVAC scam tricks, and how General Air of Greenville SC works to prevent them, and make you feel more comfortable.


  1. That needs replaced!

You call a locally listed HVAC repairman for a checkup on your system. Nothing strange about that! He comes in, seems official (I mean, he has a toolbelt). After a while looking at your system, he makes a big noise. Comes in, face slightly sunken. “Ma’am”, he says, looking out at your HVAC unit “your compressor desperately needs replaced”. Shocked, you thought everything was fine. How could this happen? Easily, you are being subject to an HVAC scam – and certainly so if he offers to fix it on the spot. Here, we at General Air will make a little checklist for you

  • Does your HVAC unit rattle?
  • Does your air smell foul?
  • Have you noticed your house not cooling or heating as fast as usual?

If you say no to all of the above, your HVAC is probably fine. The key to this HVAC scam, which we will also touch on later, is the instant repair. Contractors can rarely fix things on the spot, items have to be shipped in or pulled out of storage. Don’t fall for this! We at General Air of Greenville S.C. would never claim something was wrong when it was not! As a matter of fact, we love telling you that everything is running perfectly. It is our favorite thing!


  1. Bigger is better!

Although we’ve written about this topic before, it is a very popular scam. Bigger (and more expensive) HVAC units are perfect for your home, and why not? Bigger is always better! But this HVAC scam is very treacherous, as both a unit that is too big, and too small, can cause serious issues. A unit that is oversized for the house will drain your energy bills by frequently turning off and on, and one that is too small will overwork itself and drain your energy bill by being on all the time as it can’t keep up with your house. General Air of Greenville SC will help you pick out the perfect sized unit for your home, which will save you money in the long run, and keep you from ever falling victim to this expensive HVAC scam.



  1. Free Inspection!

A popular HVAC scam runs under the guise of being a nice gesture from a professional. Many people pose as working for large companies, offering free inspections. They call, saying that their company is offering free inspections in your neighborhood or whatever their line may be, and when they arrive they make up some repair that they will have to do! Just like our first tip, this is a dead giveaway that they are trying to pull an HVAC scam on you. Another good indicator is the person. Anyone can dress professionally, but unless it is an emergency General Air of Greenville South Carolina will never send someone in an unmarked truck or vehicle. If the person is driving their personal truck, and has no identification or uniform, they do not work for the company they say they do! This is very unsafe on many levels other than the HVAC scam, as they could be potential burglars looking for ways to scout houses. Do not let these people inspect your HVAC, trust only people who have proof that they work for their company. This is very different than independent contractors though, who might use their personal vehicles to work on HVAC units.



  1. Used Parts are Cheaper!

This HVAC scam makes sense, really. It is only logical that used parts are an acceptable and cheaper alternative, especially if offered by someone who claims to be an HVAC expert! But unfortunately, used parts can be very dangerous. If a part needs replaced, it means that a certain part of the HVAC was either improperly installed, or sees more use than the rest. To put an already used piece here will cause serious problems, and can be a very costly HVAC scam in the long run. The problem lies in the balance of efforts found in an HVAC unit. If you replace one part with an already used and inefficient part, it will create an imbalance, and force the rest of the unit to operate harder. This can cause not only the “new” part to fail, but put too much strain on the rest of the unit. Then (oh there’s more) when you do install an actually new part when your used part fails, it will then be subject to an unnecessary amount of stress, because it will be newer and more efficient than the rest of the unit. So not only will you eventually have to buy a new part anyway, but when you do, it will wear down faster. So, lesson is, do not fall for this HVAC scam, it is a pain to fix. General Air is able to inspect, diagnose, and fix all problems with parts in your HVAC, and prevent you from falling for this HVAC scam


  1. Too Many Tune Ups

A quick and dirty HVAC scam to make the scammer easy money is to insist of too many tune ups. Say this five times fast – “More than two tune ups is too many tune ups, two tune ups is all I need”. In Greenville especially, since units often see all year usage, it is important to get it checked up on, inspected, and possible tuned up at least twice a year. But to insist on any more, could be a HVAC scam to get you to pay for excessive tuning.

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