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General Air’s HVAC Installation Process

PRE-INSTALLATION [list icon="moon-checkbox" color="#ee1f24"]Our proven Home Use and Livability Survey data gathering techniques enable us to provide our customers with unconditional performance guarantees.[/list] [list icon="moon-checkbox" color="#ee1f24"]Our computer Manual J home load modeling guarantees that heating, cooling and comfort capacities will…

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Improper Installation of Your Air System

90% of all installations have problems resulting in unnecessary energy inefficiencies due to: [list icon="moon-checkbox" color="#ee1f24"]Too large or too small equipment sizing[/list] [list icon="moon-checkbox" color="#ee1f24"]Improper match between condenser and evaporator[/list] [list icon="moon-checkbox" color="#ee1f24"]Improper duct sizing or distribution[/list] [list icon="moon-checkbox" color="#ee1f24"]Improper…

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