HVAC New Year’s Resolutions

With a New Year, comes new resolutions and new possibilities. Resolutions are a tradition reaching far back, and normally focus on bodily health, and self-care. But why limit it to a person or diet? Your HVAC habits could probably use some changes, and now is the time to start! These simple HVAC New Year’s resolutions do not require much work or money (some can actually save money), but can help day to day life improve in many ways.

Save More Energy

Monitor your temperatures 

It is worth checking up on temperature tendencies, like leaving the heat or AC on while not at home, using too much energy when it is not necessary, or leaving certain setting on while they drain energy without providing a benefit to your lifestyle. Turning the AC or heat off while away is a perfect HVAC New Year’s Resolution. Additionally, turning fans to Auto instead of “On” is another easy HVAC New Year’s resolution that can save you money

68/71 is the perfect temperature 

One of the more difficult HVAC New Year’s resolutions to stand by is keeping the thermostat at the most efficient settings. In the winter, setting the thermostat to 68 is one of the best ways to save huge percentages on your energy bills. Similarly, in the summer, keeping the thermostat above 71, and in some situations as high as 73 during the day, can keep dollars off of the energy bill at the end of the month and save your HVAC from additional wear and tear.

Clean Filters More

Helps keep allergens out of your air 

Look, this HVAC New Year’s resolution is not exactly fun, but cleaning the air filters in a home can provide a number of huge benefits. These benefits drastically outweigh the amount of effort it takes to clean most HVAC filters, making this HVAC New Year’s resolution an easy one to build up motivation behind. For most systems, cleaning filters more regularly simply means replacing the filters that are in front of your intake vents throughout the house. If you don’t know the size of the filter, remove the old and dirty filter and inspect for markings, the size should be listed on the packaging. Replacing once every other month should keep them clean, and your house’s air purer. Also, do not forget to delicately clean the outdoor unit with a light hosing to remove leaves and other debris.

Can help your system run more efficiently 

Not only does this help with keeping allergens and dust out of the air in your home, but it also keeps energy bills low. Old and dirty filters make HVAC systems work harder to draw air into their systems, creating unnecessary additional energy costs, as well as additional wear and tear to the HVAC system over time.

Make my thermostat smarter

Make your home smarter 

It is the era of the smart home – locks, televisions, lights, and even thermostats are just a voice command away. Granted, the thought of having a thermostat that has more technology to it than the entirety of technology that NASA used to put a man on the moon might seem a little strange, but, this is probably one of the most fun HVAC New Year’s resolutions in this list. It does require substantial financial investment, upwards of $500, but having a thermostat that you can talk to is priceless.

Can help save energy 

These systems allow scheduled heating and cooling, allowing the HVAC unit to work when needed, heating your home when you’re home and not while you’re away. Temperature thresholds keep you from having to constantly fiddle with your thermostat when temperatures change, also saving you energy. A perfect HVAC New Year’s resolution to brag about to all your friends!

Regular maintenance

Get a general air expert out there to keep everything in tip top shape –

Much like working out, eating healthier, and reading more to increase physical and mental healthiness, your HVAC New Year’s resolution should also keep your HVAC system healthier with regular upkeep. Scheduling a General Air of Greenville SC HVAC expert to regularly check up and maintain your equipment can extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit, and keep you from having to pay for an expensive replacement.

Improve my Air Quality

More humidity when you need it 

If your HVAC New Year’s resolution is to improve your air quality, then the most important first step is to manage your humidity better. Keeping your air from being dry can prevent dry skin, which can lead to discomfort and make you more prone to sicknesses. Keeping a humidifier around can lead to a much higher air quality almost instantly. Be cautious though, as too much humidity can be just as bad. The excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew building up in your vents.

Less allergens 

Along with more humidity, to achieve your air quality HVAC New Year’s resolution you should remove allergens from your air. This can be a simple as changing out your filters, which can contain allergens that get continuously circulated through your air. Also dusting, and vacuuming up dirt dust and dander can help greatly improve your air quality.

More natural air 

If you are one of the lucky few that isn’t allergic to the outside world, then the best quality air is normally the outside air. Trees and naturally moving air can greatly increase your air quality, and in the right time of year it can lower your heating and air costs drastically. Open a window, take in the fresh air more!

More cleaning 

This goes with most of the rest of the HVAC New Year’s resolutions, but clean your air filters, windows and furniture more! Clean windows can help decrease heating costs, and clean furniture can decrease allergens and keep them from circulating through your house.

So, New Year New HVAC right? These HVAC New Year’s resolutions will help improve not only your quality of life, but decrease your electricity bills, and keep your unit running longer. Get in contact with an HVAC Expert at General Air of Greenville South Carolina today to get a head start on your new HVAC New Year’s Resolutions.

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