How to Prepare for the South Carolina Fall

It is getting colder in South Carolina, and fall is almost here. Granted, it is South Carolina, so by colder we of course mean it has gone from 90-degree weather to 75-degree weather. But this does bring changes! And changes are going to come with this South Carolina Fall, and we here at General Air of Greenville South Carolina want to make sure you are prepared for them. The first order of business is to assess your situation, go around your house and make a list of the things you would like to change. Imagine how things will affect your home in the varying types of weather we can expect this fall. Torrential rain? High winds? Low temperatures, high temperatures, middle temperatures, all of the above in one day! Make a list, check it twice, and with that in mind lets go over what we recommend you specifically prepare for during this South Carolina Fall.

So as we stated, South Carolina fall experiences every conceivable weather pattern other than snow and hail. Hot, cold, mild, windy, rainy, icy, you name it. So how do you best maintain your HVAC for these weathers? How do you best maintain you home when you don’t know what tomorrows temperature will be? The answer is simple, insulation. You see, insulation not only keeps the hot air in, but also the cool air. A well-insulated house can keep you safe from any temperatures this South Carolina fall throws at you. Also, keeping your thermostat hand steady, instead of heavy, can save you tons on your electricity bill. Keeping your thermostat on “cool” even when the temperature drops, can save you huge percentages on your energy bill, and can even be nice. Think about the last time you bundled up in a blanket with a sweater and a coffee or tea and enjoyed a movie or book!

Whenever seasons transition, mainly when winter transitions into summer, and summer to winter, it is a perfect time to clean! These temperatures make it bearable to open you windows and sing along to some of your favorite songs, scrubbing and mopping and sweeping. There are actual benefits to doing this in the South Carolina Fall, mainly being that you can actually open your windows. This is helpful when cleaning because when you clean, you disturb dust and other contaminants into the air. And if the whole point is the clean them out, displacing them in to the air is not going to do it alone. Instead opening the windows allows you to force the dust outside, cleaning your house of the contaminants for good. Fresh air is also proven to make you feel better! People who spend time in fresh air are proven to have lower stress and feel happier.

Humidity during the South Carolina Fall can also be unpredictable. With constant changes from rain to dry to morning mist, the South Carolina fall covers the entire range. So how do you prepare for these fluctuations? Dehumidifiers and humidifiers are expensive, and if not properly maintained can cause serious issues. A humidifier left unchecked can cause mold and mildew to grow in unchecked places, and a dehumidifier can cause dryness and respiratory problems. It really comes down to what systems you are running. Cooling your home reduces the overall humidity, which is normally a good response to the wet heat normally had in the South Carolina fall. But an electric heater also reduces the overall humidity in your home, which might not be as ideal in the colder, more dry days. The best options really rely on this information, making sure to compensate for whatever system you home has, and ensure the highest air quality in your home.

Now is also a good time to have someone to come out and check your units. You might be saying to yourself “but why now, nothing is broken!” That’s exactly why! Having someone come out and check you units now can only bring good news. For example, a General Air expert comes out and inspects your home, only two things can really happen: either everything is fine, or something is probably going to break under stress. So here’s the silver lining, either yay! Nothing is broken, or you have time to fix the issue before it becomes a serious problem. It is always better to get repairs in the slower season, since prices are generally cheaper, it is easier to schedule times to come in a fix the problem, and you aren’t stuck without a vital heating unit or cooling unit for weeks. Having it repaired when the temperature is nice out is probably the best option, allowing you comfort and security knowing you will have your HVAC unit all winter without hiccups.

Contact General Air of South Carolina today to make sure you are prepared for this South Carolina Fall, and to schedule a checkup on your systems, get expert advice, or to receive a quote.

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