How to Choose the Right HVAC Contractor?

When you need HVAC installation, repairs or replacement, it is vitally important to choose the right HVAC contractor. A poor contractor may install equipment of a poor quality, perform repairs that will not last long, or sell you regular fixtures at a higher price. Worse of all, it would lead you to many more HVAC problems in the long-run.

A good contractor, in contrast, will ideally strive to provide long-term solutions for your HVAC system. Whether you need to install a new HVAC component or have an existing HVAC unit repaired or replaced, a reputable contractor will aim for durable fixes. This usually means high-quality equipment, fair costs and a reliable workmanship.

If you are not sure how to zero in on a good local HVAC contractor, here are some great tips to guide you in the right direction. Using these pointers, you can easily narrow down the contractors that you can hire without a second thought.

Online Reviews and Feedback

We live in an increasingly connected world so that you can easily dig up online reviews on virtually any well-established company. This applies to your local HVAC contractors as well. A quick online search will yield the reviews, customer testimonies and feedback relating to the services offered by any contractor. You can use this information to determine whether the contractor is reliable or not. In general, if a contractor has a majority of negative reviews online, you may want to steer clear of it.

Look for References

References show that other individuals and businesses trust a contractor. The best contractors even have a long-standing partnership with notable brands as well as local businesses, serving as the go-to HVAC service. If you are considering an HVAC contractor, make sure you ask for references before you choose to hire it. You can also ask around among your family or friends who may know or have hired the contractor before.

Check the Credentials

The credentials of an HVAC contractor show how well-recognized it is as a professional company. The best contractors have a long list of credentials to their name. This can include certifications like Energy Star, Air Conditioning Contractors Association of Technical Excellence, HVAC Excellence and others. The more certifications an HVAC contractor has, the better.

Make sure you also check out the licensing and insurance standing of the contractor. In many cases, HVAC contractors are required to carry a license. And if you hire one without a license, any work performed by such a contractor will likely not be covered by the homeowners’ insurance.

Liability insurance is another credential you want to look for in an HVAC contractor. Such insurance protects you from any property damage during HVAC work. It also ensures that any workers who may be injured during the HVAC work are covered by the company.

Get the Best Price

If you have an HVAC project at hand, it may be worth the effort to get price estimates for the job. You can get such estimates from a number of contractors. Look for a fair price, not the lowest estimate. In some cases, price estimates that are exceptionally low come with hidden costs. A contractor may give you an estimate, then bump it up once you hire them and create a bill that is significantly higher than the original estimate once the job is complete.

So when you are getting estimates, make sure you also ask for guarantees. If a contractor agrees that the actual costs of an HVAC job will be very close to the upfront estimate, such a contractor can be trusted. A contractor that doesn’t offer such a guarantee can’t be relief upon.


The employees of an HVAC contractor determine the quality of service it provides. If the employees are trained and licensed in their field, they will typically take a professional approach to handling HVAC problems. So it is important to consider whether an HVAC contractor screens and trains its employees. Another thing to consider is whether the employees are permanent or sub-contractors. Typically, companies that use sub-contractors deliver a lower quality of service.

Hiring Reliable Greenville HVAC Contractors

Here at General Air, we are a BBB Accredited Business with a large number of Google reviews that reflect exceptional customer satisfaction. We also have partnerships with a number of leading HVAC brands including Lennox, Trane and Energy Star. If you are looking for reliable Greenville HVAC contractors, look no further. Our technicians can professionally handle any and all HVAC problems. Contact us today for no-obligation and transparent price estimates.

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