Tips to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Do you experience significant differences in the heating and cooling of different parts of your home? For instance, you may experience sufficiently comfy heat in the bedroom but when you go to the living room, it’s fairly cold. Such disparity in the overall temperature of your house is caused by the creation of hot and cold spots. Hot and cold spots in your home can often occur for a variety of reasons.

When they do, they are a major hassle as they prevent you from enjoying consistent heating or cooling while also driving up the energy costs. The good news is that you can prevent the creation of such spots at your home by tweaking the HVAC and related components. An experienced Greenville, SC HVAC contractor can also help you with this. Here are some handy tips in that direction.

Ensure Good Insulation

Good insulation is critically important to ensure consistent heating or cooling across your home. Improving insulation can save you anywhere between 10% and 50% in energy bills. If a house has poor insulation, it can cause the heating or cooling to escape from certain sections. For instance, if the insulation at one room is not good enough, it may be colder than the rest of the house during the winters. This is why sometimes a quick way to fix hot and cold spots in your home is to ensure good insulation in all the areas of your house.

Detect Air Drafts

If there are gaps, cracks or holes in the structure of your house, this will inevitably allow the air from outside to slip in. When this happens, the area in the immediate vicinity of the crack or gap will feel considerably cooler than the rest of the house. In such a case, plugging the gap will remove the entry point of the air draft and help eliminate the cold spot.

If you’re not sure how to exactly locate a gap, use this method: close all doors and windows, shut down the HVAC, and turn off any fans. Then use a simple thread tied to an object and scan the walls with this hanging thread. If the thread wavers at a particular section, you can double-check the area for gaps. If you sense that there are gaps in the structure but are not able to locate them, you may want to consult a Greenville heating and air expert.

Consider Multi-Zone Heating Options

HVAC systems are usually designed to cool or heat the entire house with a single setting. This can cause cold and hot spots for a variety of reasons. On the other hand, if you have a multi-zone heating system at your home, the problem does not occur. A zoned heating system allows separate temperature settings for different parts or zones of your house. This involves the use of multiple thermostats. Although the system may cost more upfront, it can save up to 30% in heating and cooling costs.

Clear the Air Vents

Air vents are used to transport and deliver hot or cold air to different parts of your house. Vents can incur dust, debris and other internal blockages such as dead pests or rodents. This not only affects air quality but also blocks the smooth transport of the air, leading to hot and cold spots in your home.

Another vent-related issue that causes this problem is external blockage. This happens when the openings of the vents are blocked by objects like furniture. When this happens, the vents are not able to deliver hot or cold air effectively. This results in poor circulation of the processed air. If this is causing your hot and cold spots, simply inspect the vents internally and also ensure vent openings are clear.

Position the Electronics Strategically

Electrical appliances such as computers and TVs generate a good deal of heat. When too many appliances are positioned at a given spot, they can generate enough heat to affect the temperature. This creates unusually warm spots in that area. A quick and easy fix for this is to strategically position your electronics. If possible, don’t position any two heavy-duty pieces of electronics in the same room. If you must, then invest in a proper ventilation method to take care of the heat generation problem.

Reliable HVAC Contractors in Greenville Can Help With Hot and Cold Spots in Your House

Hot and cold spots can lead to poor HVAC performance while also driving up energy bills. It’s an annoying problem and if you can’t resolve it on your own, you will need the help of HVAC professionals. Here at General Air, we specialize in resolving all HVAC-related problems. Being among the leading HVAC contractors in Greenville, SC, we are equipped and skilled to help you get rid of the hot and cold spots as well as take care of any other problems. Contact us today to hire our services or consult our experts.

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