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Can you imagine how hard it was to keep families safe from cold and heat waves back in time? It was indeed a monumental task that people had to perform on a daily basis. Fortunately for us, heating and cooling systems have been developed and are designed to keep your home and your family warm, comfortable, and safe when outside temperatures go crazy. Since each household has different needs, contacting the best heating and cooling Greenville SC contractors is the best choice to help you choose which heating and cooling system works best for you.

When you purchase the right heating and cooling system, you will be making a worthy investment. Nowadays, most of these systems are automated, which means you no longer have to manually adjust the temperature settings or the time settings of your system and since it operates in an automated system, the pertinent adjustments will be made just when they are required. And most importantly, this automatization makes your energy consumption more efficient as it gets rid of energy wasted on improper settings.

The Basic Function of Heating and Cooling Greenville SC Systems

All heating and cooling systems consist of three basic elements: a source of warm or cool air, a system to send the heated or cooled air into your home, and a control center to change the temperature in your home.

These systems that distribute the heated or cooled air have a set of ducts that runs along within your home. These ducts are a type of pipe that transports the air creating an airflow that comes either from the inside of your home from your furnace or air conditioner. Usually, ducts are made out of fiberglass, flexible plastics, or metal, and while they are typically round, they can be fashioned to fit your requirements and your style.

Like with any other equipment, if the heating and cooling systems are not properly maintained over time, the entire duct network can consistently accumulate huge amounts of dirt, dust, debris, pet dandruff, and other particulate material. Can you believe that annually in a six-room home, up to 40 pounds of dust is formed through everyday living? Gross, right?

Besides, a dirty air duct forces the heating and cooling system to work harder which translates into expending more energy, operating less efficiently, and sadly increasing your electricity bill. Let’s take a look at how you can improve this situation!

What is Air Duct Cleaning? 

During the process of cleaning an air duct, all type of dust, mold and other contaminants from your heating and air conditioning system ductwork is eliminated, and while it may sound easy and not so important, we assure you it is!

A study performed by researchers of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has shown that even though the process of duct cleaning does not prevent health problems, neither having your ducts filled with dirt will do you any better!

Take into account that regularly cleaning the ducts of your heating and cooling system reduces all of the kind of indoor air contaminants, making your home healthier to be in.

When to Do Air Duct Cleaning in Greenville, SC?

Since all the ductwork of your heating and cooling system is usually located behind walls or above ceilings, maintenance is easy to forget, out of sight, out of mind! But it is important to remember that routine air duct cleaning has the potential to improve the quality of indoor air.

The frequency of air duct cleaning often depends on the kind of environment surrounding your house. For example, houses located near the beach or desert locations accumulate a lot of moisture and dust. On the other hand, houses in urban areas collect dirt and smog from roads and highways.

Nevertheless, the EPA recommends cleaning air ducts every 3 years to ensure the correct performance of your heating and cooling.

Consult an Air Duct Cleaning Expert in Greenville, SC 

Even though you may think that you can clean all your ductwork by yourself, we do not recommend it as properly cleaning the whole network is trickier than it seems. You will need specially designed vacuums, brushes, fans, and furnace filters. So, we invite you to book an appointment with the best-certified air duct cleaning experts in Greenville SC which holds the proven right record of professional and high-quality service. Our experts are all in their best disposition to clean and take care of your heating and cooling system!

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