Your Heat Pump: A Nine-Point Checklist To Keep It In Tip-Top Shape

picture of a hvac technician working on a heating and air unitA well-maintained heat pump will ensure that you stay warm throughout the entire upcoming winter.  It will also help you save energy and reduce your energy costs.  If you neglect important service needs, you could be paying 10 to 25 percent more each month on your energy bills.   There are simple things you can do to maintain your heat-pump system, such as change the filters regularly. You can also clean the outdoor coils to make sure random debris doesn’t negatively affects its performance.  However, the most important step is to have a licensed HVAC contractor come inspect your heat pump.

To be sure you’re prepared for winter, schedule an inspection in the fall, before the heating season begins. Here are nine essential points your technician will look at to ensure maximum efficiency:

[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Inspect ductwork for leaks and seal them.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Check for refrigerant leaks.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Lubricate moving parts, such as the motor, and make sure the belts are tight and not worn down.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Check the filters, blower, indoor coil and ducts for dirt or other debris that can inhibit performance.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Measure airflow to make sure it is adequate.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Verify that the system’s refrigerant levels are appropriate.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Ensure that the thermostat is working properly.[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkbox” color=”#ee1f24″]Check the electric controls to ensure that the cooling mode is locked out when you are using your heating equipment, and vice versa.[/list]
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For more information about your heat pump or to have one of our expert HVAC technicians inspect it, contact General Air Conditioning Service Corp.  We have proudly served Upstate South Carolina and the surrounding area since 1959.

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