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When Should You Have HVAC Air Ducts Cleaned?

When Should You Have HVAC Air Ducts Cleaned?

Your HVAC system is vital to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment at your home. However, regular inspection, maintenance and cleaning of different HVAC components are essential to make sure the system is working properly. It’s especially important to make sure your HVAC air ducts are cleaned.

Air ducts are an important component of the HVAC. They transport the air during air conditioning, heating and ventilation. In winters, for instance, hot air from the furnace moves along the air ducts and warms different parts of your home.

That being said, air ducts can accumulate dirt, dust and other forms of debris over time. When that happens, you need to get the ducts cleaned. You can take a do-it-yourself approach to this or you can hire a professional Greenville heating and air expert.

Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to get your HVAC air ducts cleaned:

  • New House: If you have recently moved to your house, the air ducts likely have a lot of debris from the construction work. This debris can be in the form of sawdust, scraps of dry wall, pieces of plastic wrappers and more. It is generally a good idea to have the ducts cleaned before you start up the HVAC for the first time, or the debris will be blown into other HVAC components.
  • Low Energy Efficiency: When dirt accumulates in different components of the HVAC, it has to exert more. This, in turn, leads to greater energy consumption. If you are experiencing this, it may be an indication that your air ducts and other components are clogged.
  • Insect or Rodent Infestation: Air ducts transport hot air in winters and cool air in the summers. This makes them an ideal environment for rodents and insects. If you see signs of such infestation, you need to have the air ducts cleaned at the earliest. If left unattended, droppings and other by-products of such infestation will be circulated around your home, causing breathing problems and allergies.
  • Breathing Problems: Some people are more sensitive to airborne dust particles than others. This is particularly true for a person who suffers from asthma. If you have any such family members, you may need to take extra precaution in keeping the air ducts cleaned.
  • Mold Growth: A common problem with HVAC ducts is the growth of mold. This is typically a result of trapped moisture. Mold can be quite toxic and cause a variety of health problems. If you sense a musty smell emanating from your HVAC system, it may be time for an inspection. If mold is indeed present, you will need an immediate air duct cleaning.

Costs and Process of Getting Your HVAC Air Ducts Cleaned

When you hire a professional, the process typically starts with a preliminary inspection. A technician will first use a brush at the end of a pipe. The brush is inserted into the HVAC and used to break loose any dirt or debris that is clinging to the interior of the ducts. The next step involves attaching the HVAC ducts to a heavy-duty vacuum machine. The machine sucks in the dirt and debris from the ducts and transports it through a connected pipe to an outdoor unit.

Air duct cleaning is typically done as a part of overall HVAC maintenance. If you wish to hire a contractor to perform it as a standalone service, you should expect the costs to be somewhere between $300 and $500.

You can avoid these costs by taking a DIY approach. Even if you suspect the presence of mold, you can collect a sample and have it tested at a reputable lab for around $50. When handling duct cleaning on your own, you will first need to unscrew the air duct covers and return-air plates.

Work on one air register at a time. Use a brush to rub the interior of the register and break loose any debris. Then use a vacuum hose to suck up the dust from the registers. Once you are done with this basic cleaning, make sure you also clean air filters and replace them if they are too dirty.

Hiring a Reliable Greenville Heating and Air Expert

If you live in Greenville and want to hire reliable technicians for air duct cleaning, look no further. Here at General Air, our Greenville heating and air experts specialize in HVAC maintenance. We also offer standalone services like duct cleaning, filter replacement and mold inspection. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning service or discuss any other HVAC problems with our experts.

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