HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Fall Season

The summers are on their way out and the fall season is just around the corner. It is time to prepare your air conditioning for hibernation and gear up the furnace for the long winter season ahead. With some timely maintenance and preventive care, you can improve the HVAC’s performance through the fall season. Such maintenance also helps you avoid malfunctions right in the middle of the season, when repairs are going to cost more time and money.

Following are some handy tips to tune your HVAC system just ahead of the fall season:

Consider Air Filter Replacement

The hardest part of the summers is already over and you will not need to operate your air conditioner often. However, it is still wise to consider an air filter replacement at the end of the summers. For one, the previous filter has worked tirelessly through the summers. So it is already probably clogged and dirty. Secondly, you will still need to run the air conditioning for the dog days of summer. So your AC use may well run into the fall season. In any case, the air filter will still give you a good return-on-investment in the next summers. Besides, you stand to save 5% to 15% of the AC’s energy consumption by getting an air filter replacement.

Get an End-of-Season Service

It’s a good idea to have a professional Greenville heating and air technician look at your HVAC system at the end of the summer season. This is all the more important if you missed a tune-up at the beginning of the summers. A technician will service and tune-up the entire system while looking for any malfunctions or faults. Such a look-up can identify the needed repairs in a timely way, saving you money down the road.

Consider an Upgrade

If your HVAC system has been experiencing problems or malfunctions, it probably means that you need to upgrade. Even if your system is running fine, you may still need an upgrade if the utility costs are unexpectedly high. HVAC systems with older components usually incur larger utility bills than HVACs with more modern components. For instance, if you have a 10-year old air-conditioner, replacing it can save you anywhere between 20% and 40% in energy costs of cooling your home. That’s a huge difference. If you are not sure how to get about the upgrade, you can contact a reputable Greenville heating and air repair company. Here at General Air, for instance, we offer free advice and consultation for HVAC upgrades.

Take Precautions Against Accidental Heating Fires

Heating accidents were the second largest cause of residential buildings fires in the United States in 2017. The time to take precautions against home heating fires is before the fall season kicks in. The most useful measures include installing a basic carbon monoxide and smoke detector at your home. Also make sure that all the plugs and chords are in good shape, the chimneys are not clogged and anything that can readily burn is positioned at a good distance from furnaces, heaters and other heating equipment.

Program Your Thermostat for the Fall

As the summer ends and the cold season sets in, you should program your thermostat to reflect the change. It’s a good idea to lower the thermostat during the hours you are away and have it work at higher temperatures only when you are home. Cranking down the thermostat for a mere 10 to 15 degrees for the 8 or so hours you are away can save you up to 15% in heating bills. You may be tempted to let the thermostat run on a fixed setting, after all tuning it again and again is a hassle.

This is where a programmable thermostat can be very handy. Such a thermostat can automatically adjust the heating based on your habits and past input. Once you have a programmable thermostat installed, you can see energy savings without the need to crank up or down the thermostat all the time.

Contact Greenville Heating and Air Experts Today

Here at General Air, we specialize in end-of-season HVAC tune-up, service, upgrades and repairs. Our Greenville heating and air experts work with HVAC equipment of all the leading brands. We also help you make energy-smart choices when it comes to HVAC upgrades or equipment replacements. Whether you want an end-of-season AC service to wind down the cooling system or a professional look at the furnace to make sure it is working well, we have got you covered. Being the local go-to HVAC contractor, Greenville SC residents can absolutely rely on us for their fall and winter HVAC needs.

Contact General Air today to schedule an HVAC inspection, service or maintenance. Or simply give us a call if you want expert advice on your HVAC system.

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