Furnace Reset: Why Is the Reset Button of My Furnace Tripping?

The proper functioning of your furnace unit is crucial to a comfortable winter season and you may need an occasional HVAC service to ensure this. With a functional furnace, you can ensure a desirable indoor temperature. However, malfunctions with the furnace can quickly change this and you may find your home turn into an ice cave. This is why it is important to identify and resolve furnace problems at the earliest.

A common furnace problem you may face is that the reset button keeps tripping. When the button trips, this immediately turns off the furnace unit. The button itself is meant to shut down the unit in certain situations. However, when the button trips and turns off the furnace for no good reason, it can become quite annoying. It can also hike up the energy consumption of the furnace as it gears up and shuts down again and again.

Here is a look at what a furnace reset button is and the possible reasons why it may trip again and again.

How a Furnace Reset Button Works

A furnace reset button is typically included in the furnace unit inside the blower compartment. You can easily identify it from the red or yellow color in which it is usually displayed. The basic purpose of a reset button is to serve as a safety feature. It helps shut down the furnace when the furnace is too hot. This essentially prevents the overheated furnace from triggering the circuit breaker.

As noted above, a furnace may need to be reset sometimes, such as when it is too hot. That is where the reset button comes in handy. However, if your furnace is resetting again and again, it is quite possible that the reset button is being triggered by some kind of a malfunction. Here are some causes that can trip the furnace reset button.

Common Causes That Trip the Furnace Reset Button

If your furnace is resetting, again and again, it is time to identify what is causing the reset button to trip. Here are some likely causes.

  • Overheating. This is the number one cause that trips the reset button. If your furnace is cloistered somewhere where there isn’t enough airflow, it may become overheated again and again. This leads to frequent reset button trips.
  • No Fuel. When your furnace runs out of fuel, whether it’s oil or gas, the reset button of the unit may be triggered. A quick check on the fuel tank will let you know whether fuel outage is the cause. If it is, you can have the tank refilled.
  • Dirty Air Filter. The air filter of your HVAC unit is a vital component. The furnace pulls air through this filter when warming up your home. The air filter traps dust, dirt and other debris, preventing them from entering the furnace unit. As a result, the filter can become clogged over time. A dirty and clogged air filter can also trigger the furnace reset button. The solution to this is as simple as replacing or cleaning the air filter.
  • Closed Gas Valves. If a gas valve connected to the furnace is deliberately or unintentionally shut down, this blocks the fuel supply to the furnace. The result is that the reset button trips repeatedly until the valve is reopened. You may want to check the gas valves when facing a problem like this.
  • Flame Sensor Problems. The flame sensor of your furnace unit can become coated with dirt and debris over time. This prevents the sensor from functioning properly, in turn causing the reset button to malfunction as well.

Resetting a Furnace Manually

There are times when you may need to reset a gas furnace manually. To do so, turn off the pilot light, tune the thermostat to the lowest setting, and turn off the power supply and the gas supply to the furnace. Then hold a lit match to the opening of the pilot flame. Once the pilot flame is lit, restore the power supply and gas supply to the furnace. Finally, press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.

Hiring a Reliable Heating and Air Expert in Greenville SC

If you are facing problems with the furnace reset button, you may need the help of a professional HVAC expert. Here at General Air, we offer a comprehensive range of HVAC services in Greenville, SC. Whether you want an HVAC component installed, repaired, or replaced, we have got you covered. Message us today to hire our services or get a free quote.

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