Commercial HVAC Repairs in Greenville, SC

A commercial HVAC system can be a vital necessity for both small and large businesses. It will keep your temperature down to meet production requirements or provide air filtration to protect employees. If your company’s HVAC system fails, it can cause profit loss if you don’t have an environment that allows for production, employees, and patrons to work.

General AC can provide commercial HVAC repairs in Greenville, SC, and the surrounding areas. We can handle both emergency repairs and regular maintenance of commercial HVAC systems for our clients. Talk to one of our sales representatives to learn more about our services, and receive free estimates.

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We can send an HVAC technician to your business in an emergency

An emergency can be caused by a sudden stop in your HVAC system. When your commercial HVAC system breaks down, you may face the following issues:

Damage Raw Materials

Some materials may require certain temperatures to ensure good quality. When your HVAC system fails, temperatures can rapidly rise in industrial environments. This can cause damage to goods and delay repairs.

Place Employees at Risk

Factory environments must have a cool and ventilated environment. This is to ensure that employees are safe. If an employee is suffering from heat stroke, asthma attacks, or other health consequences due to poor air control, a company can be held liable.

You Need to Temporarily Close Your Business

Businesses must ensure safety for their customers and patrons, in addition to maintaining a safe environment for employees. Your daily profits could be affected if your commercial HVAC system fails.

These situations can present a problem for small businesses or large corporations. General AC is here to help. Our clients have 24/7 access to our HVAC repair services. This means that we can dispatch a technician to their business to make repairs at any time, day or night.

We are Ready to Take Your Call Now!

At General AC, we always have at least one HVAC technician available to respond to emergency calls from clients. This means that:

  • We will have someone available to assist your business
  • They will answer your call, no matter what time you call
  • We can repair your commercial HVAC system in an emergency within 24 hours.

Our HVAC services are guaranteed to satisfy or we will refund your money. Our technicians are available to discuss your HVAC needs and recommend the best system for you based on your company’s size, energy consumption, and other factors.

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Our Team Can Help You Prevent Future Commercial HVAC Repairs

Do you want to avoid costly HVAC repairs? We schedule regular maintenance checks for commercial clients of General AC to check the condition of your HVAC system. We regularly inspect for:

  • Potential risks or mechanical errors in the system
  • Condensers and air filters that are dirty
  • Problems with cycling
  • Water leaks
  • Faulty wiring and other electrical problems
  • Thermostat problems

We can check if your HVAC system is making excessive noises, or if the blower seems to be constantly running, and we will help you determine if it is overcompensating. This could lead to higher energy consumption.

We can update your commercial HVAC system per manufacturer guidelines

Different guidelines are being developed to ensure that buildings remain safe. With the advent of COVID-19, there was an increase in the demand for improved air filtration systems for commercial buildings. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers both sent guidelines to businesses.

Other mandates were also sent out based on environmental concerns. For example, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated the phaseout of freon. Our HVAC technicians are available to help you meet these new requirements so your business can continue to run.

We also offer HVAC Installation Services

Have you opened a new business in Greenville, SC? Although many companies may have an existing HVAC system, it is possible that they are inefficient or outdated.

Our technicians can install any type of commercial HVAC unit, whether you are looking to replace your existing system or install one for a new property. We can discuss:

Commercial HVAC Units

Commercial HVAC units can be used in corporate buildings, retail shops, restaurants, or other commercial properties. These units are more powerful than traditional residential HVAC systems, but they don’t require large spaces that could disrupt your business.

Industrial HVAC Units

We recommend an industrial HVAC unit if you own a manufacturing company and need an HVAC system that maintains warehouse temperatures and ventilation.

In a consultation, you can discuss the various models with one of our sales representatives. They can give you free estimates, explain the pros and cons of each product and help you decide which HVAC system is best for you.

General AC Can Help You with Your Commercial HVAC Needs

The team at General AC can repair your commercial HVAC system if it has recently failed or is having mechanical problems. We have a team of climate control specialists who can repair commercial HVAC systems in Greenville and other Upstate South Carolina cities.

Call 864-633-5664 to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC repair technicians.