Choosing Between Repairing or Replacing AC Condenser

You never think about your AC condenser until it stops working. During the summers, you rely on the smooth functioning of your AC for comfortably cool interiors. If your AC starts to malfunction, it is important to consult an expert for AC repair in Greenville, SC.

One of the common reasons why your AC stops cooling the air is because the condenser runs into issues. The condenser is one of the most important components of an air conditioning system. It also costs a tidy sum to replace one. This is why you should know whether you need to repair or replace a condenser when it stops working properly.

Here is a quick look at how a condenser works, and when do you need to replace one.

How Does the AC Condenser Work?

An AC condenser is typically the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system. The indoor unit of an AC is responsible for extracting heat and moisture from the indoor air. This heat is absorbed by the refrigerant or coolant in the evaporator coils of the AC.

The refrigerant then flows towards the condenser unit located outdoors. The condenser itself houses three key components – ac compressor, condenser coil, and condenser fan.

When the refrigerant carrying heat from indoor air arrives at the condenser unit, it first goes through the ac compressor. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant which in turn increases its temperature. In the next stage, the heated refrigerant enters into the condenser coil. This transfer into a coil with a large surface area promotes heat exchange and allows the refrigerant to cool down. A condenser fan blows air onto the coil to further speed up this exchange.

Once the refrigerant is sufficiently cool, it turns from a gaseous form into a liquid form. The liquid then travels back from the condenser to the indoor unit to repeat the process.

Importance of AC Condenser

As noted above, the AC condenser plays a key role in ensuring heat exchange. If the condenser does not work properly, this exchange doesn’t take place. As a result, you may experience the AC unit blowing hot air.

The condenser can malfunction for a variety of reasons. Before you decide on repairing or replacing the condenser, it is important to understand the actual cause of the malfunction. Here are some of the common reasons why your AC condenser may not work properly.

  • Blockage or leakage in condenser units can affect the heat exchange process and significantly impact the performance of the AC.
  • Accumulation of dirt and debris on condenser coils can prevent the coils from releasing the heat into the outdoor air.
  • Overload of the condenser unit can burn its motor.

When you experience a faulty condenser, you have to decide whether you want to have the unit repaired or replaced.

Repair or Replace?

In general, if the fault is a relatively minor one and can be resolved easily, repairing the condenser unit is a viable option. This is typically the case when the malfunction occurs due to dirty coils, a damaged motor, or a problem with the control board. These are all issues that can be sorted by a professional without costing you a hefty sum. The average condenser repair costs stand between $150 and $1,000.

In contrast, replacing the condenser is preferable when the damage is extensive or if the unit has been around for too long. It costs more to have the condenser unit replaced, with the average costs between $900 and $2,800. If your condenser has critical issues like leaking or damaged coils, replacing the unit is your only option. This is because it’s not possible to replace the tubes only.

Similarly, if your condenser unit experiences blockage due to internal debris, a viable solution would be to have the unit replaced altogether. Other faults that necessitate a full unit replacement include a damaged condenser coil. If the coil is still covered by warranty, you may be able to get it repaired affordably. Otherwise, it makes sense to have the entire condenser unit replaced.

Hiring a Professional for AC Install and Repair in Greenville

If your AC is experiencing problems, we can help you. Here at General Air, we have been offering AC installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services for homeowners and businesses across Greenville. If your AC condenser unit needs repairs or if you want to have the unit replaced, our experts can work with you. We strive to resolve your HVAC needs at the earliest and at an affordable price tag. Give us a call today to get a free quote or consult our experts.

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