Choosing Between Repairing an Old AC or Getting a New One

When your air conditioning runs into trouble all too often, you have to make a decision. Whether you should continue dishing out money on AC repairs or have the unit replaced altogether. It may sound simple enough but the decision is not easy. You should contact our Greenville HVAC experts for assistance in the decision making process.

Here are some key factors you must consider when choosing between repairing an old AC and replacing it with a new one.

The Age of the AC Unit

The age of your AC unit has a direct bearing on its performance, energy efficiency and the costliness of its repairs. An AC that is only two years old, for instance, will rarely have serious problems and even it does, repairs are not very prohibitive. You may even claim warranty for some components in the first few years. This is in contrast to older ACs which start running into performance issues more often. It’s also harder to find the right components for the older models and the repairs are consequently more costly.

On average, it makes financial sense to have an AC repaired until it is ten years old. Once it crosses this threshold, HVAC experts typically recommend having an AC replaced if it starts having issues.

The 5,000-Dollar Rule

Experts also recommend using a $5,000 rule to decide between repairs and replacement. When your AC needs a repair, simply get an idea of the repair costs. Then multiply this figure with the age of the AC. If the result yields a number less than $5,000, it is financially feasible to have the unit repaired. If the result is above $5,000, it is best to have the AC replaced.

Frequency of the Repairs

Any AC unit may need a repair once in a long while. Especially when the AC is relatively new, it will rarely require repairs if you ensure timely maintenance and servicing. However, if your AC runs into problem every other month and needs constant repairs, there’s a serious problem. It may be possible to resolve the problem by replacing a major AC component such as the compressor. However, it is best to consult a reliable HVAC professional on the matter. If replacing the component doesn’t solve the problem, you have to consider full unit replacement.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another vital factor to consider when you want to decide whether or not to replace your AC. The energy efficiency of your unit determines the level of its performance and the size of the energy bills you receive. If the unit has good efficiency, it will be able to cool a room without exerting too much energy. Consequently, it will incur a lower bill. In contrast, a unit with poor efficiency will exert more and consume too much energy to achieve the same level of cooling. It will also cost you more in terms of the energy bill.

Poor energy efficiency is typically seen in older AC units that are ten years old or more. As the performance and efficiency of a unit declines, your energy bills begin to spike. A new unit will save you anywhere between 20% and 40% in terms of the cooling energy costs compared to a unit aged ten years or older. That’s a significant amount of savings year after year.

Environmental Considerations

You may also want to consider the wellbeing of the environment when choosing between an old and a new AC unit. This is because the older AC units, the ones that are typically ten years old or more, used a coolant known as the R-22. As of this year, the production of this coolant has been halted because of its adverse effects on the environment. A new coolant, R410A, is now being used in the later AC units. This coolant is environment-friendly and has little to no adverse impact on the environment.

Hiring a Reliable Greenville Heating and Repair Contractor

If you want to have an old AC unit repaired or have a new unit installed, we have got you covered. Here at General Air, we have been serving Greenville businesses and homeowners for a long time. Our HVAC experts can work with all AC models and unit types. We also handle routine preventive maintenance and servicing of the AC units.

If you have a problematic AC, give us a call. Our experts will take a look and let you know whether a quick repair will fix it or if a replacement will be a more viable option. Call us today to hire our services or consult our experts.

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