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HVAC New Year’s Resolutions

      With a New Year, comes new resolutions and new possibilities. Resolutions are a tradition reaching far back, and normally focus on bodily health, and self-care. But why limit it to a person or diet? Your HVAC habits…

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Why Is My HVAC… Week 3

Greenville, S.C. -General Air is back to answer your most asked questions, for the third time in a row. We've already answered several of your pressing questions, from a leaky HVAC system, to filter and repair problems, and a good amount in…

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How Do I Improve My Air Quality?

Air quality is the single most prevalent thing in day to day life. On average, humans inhale 11,000 liters of air every day, which is the same size as about 95 bathtubs. The sheer volume of air that cycles through the human body means that…

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