Ready For The Summer? Tips On Cabin Cooling Systems

One of the best things about summer is getting away to the cabin for either the entire summer or every long weekend. Most cabins are quite adequate when it comes to furniture, food, and basic appliances. But many cabins lack proper cooling systems. This is understandable because these getaway homes are only used sparingly during summer. But living without an air conditioner during peak summer months can be quite difficult.

Here are some tips to keep the temperature in your cabin nice and cool during the summer:

  1. Ceiling fan: One of the best ways to cool a cabin in a cost-effective manner is by installing a ceiling fan. The latest generation of ceiling fans are quiet, work efficiently, and are quite affordable. The fans can draw the cool air and push out the warm or through the windows or vents. A ceiling fan installed in the hallways can keep most of the lower part of the home nice and cool. Do keep in mind though that if you intend to spend more than just a weekend at your cabin, you might need a better cooling system for you and your family or friends.


  1. Portable AC: Today, there are many styles, shapes, and varieties of portable air conditioners available that can keep a room cool. Some of these portable air conditioners are connected to an outside vent through a hose. Such a system can easily be installed in a cabin and would also be affordable for a place that is primarily used during the summer months. Another option is to have a window AC installed.  Most portable ACs are very easy to install and are cost effective. These devices can also be moved from room to room.  The key downside is that they only cool one room and can be expensive to run continuously.


  1. Mini Split system: Those who intend to spend a large of their summer in their cabin and do so every year,  investing in a mini-split air conditioning system is highly recommended. Also known as ductless air conditioner, this system is a hybrid of a window unit and central air. The miniature condenser is placed outside and connects the tubing to an inside evaporator that may be mounted on the ceiling or the wall. The mini split cooling system has been in use in Europe for many years and is an efficient way to cool the home. It is silent and allows one to cool each room individually. Those with some technical knowledge about heating and cooling systems, installing a split should not be a problem. But if you have any doubts, it is best to consult with professional HVAC contractors in Greenville.


  1. In wall AC unit: Another variation of the window AC unit is the in-wall AC. The device has vents in the rear and works in the same way as the window AC. The benefits are that it does not obstruct the window and is permanently installed. However, the downside is that you need to make some renovations to your cabin.


  1. Portable Fan: If nothing works and you have run out of options and/or money, buy a portable fan from a hardware store. There are many types of fans available which are durable and work well. Of course, they can only cool one room at a time but are fairly inexpensive to run.

Contact the HVAC Contractors in Greenville at General Air For Your Heating and Cooling Needs

If you have a cabin that you intend to visit during the summer, speak to professional HVAC contractors in Greenville about your cooling options. For some cabin owners, an air conditioner is an absolute necessity, and in the long run, may be a better option than a ceiling fan or a portable AC. But it all depends on your needs and what you and your family/friends are comfortable with. Whatever you decide, it is best not to attempt a DIY project for your summer cabin.

If you are looking for tips and tricks to make your cabin’s cooling system nice and comfortable, call the HVAC contractors in Greenville at General Air. The team at General Air will ensure that your cooling system works efficiently and effectively, especially if you love spending time at your cabin during the summer. Some people travel with their kids and not having proper cooling during summer can be very difficult. Call us today, and we will resolve your air-conditioning issues in no time.

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