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What Does the SEER Rating Mean?

Air Conditioners are often rated by the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), which is a measure of how efficiently the unit functions. The SEER rating is computed by dividing the cooling output during a typical cooling-season by the total electric…

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What Is the Proper Humidity Level for My Home?

Maintaining consistent indoor humidity within the recommended range provides a comfortable home environment, prevents illness, and saves money. When the indoor humidity level goes above or below the recommended range, issues can arise in both your health and home’s operation.…

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Whistling?

Have you noticed a high-pitched whistling sound coming from your air vents? If so, you could be experiencing low return flow, which means that your return air vent is not getting enough air. As a result, your system’s blower is…

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Why Is It Important to Clean My Air Ducts?

Regularly cleaning your air ducts can not only improve your indoor air quality, but can also save you money by reducing wasted energy. In addition to daily dust and dirt, pet dander, allergens, smoke, and other debris can easily make…

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How Is My Air Conditioner Affecting My Health?

  • April 30, 2017
  • News

While Air Conditioners themselves do not make people sick, an unmaintained A/C could contribute to the spread of germs around your house, which could increase the likelihood of respiratory illnesses. Because Air Conditioners produce moisture, they create the perfect breeding…

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