What are the Best Thermostat Temperatures for Summer Savings?

South Carolina weather can produce some of the warmest and coldest temperatures, sometimes within only a few days of each other. These extremes mean that Air Conditioners and heaters are often running for long periods at a time, which equates to higher energy bills. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help keep your electric bills at bay this summer.

  • When you are home, set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible. The Department of Energy recommends setting your Air Conditioner to 78°F when you are home. You can increase air flow by also running a ceiling fan, which will help cool your body without significantly increasing energy costs. Every degree below 78°F will cost you an extra 1%-3% per month.
  • When you are away, set your thermostat to a higher temperature that is closer to the outside temperature. The smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the less your Air Conditioner will have to work. Investing in a programmable thermostat is a great way to ensure that the temperature is set to the correct degree at the right time for optimal savings.
  • Additional energy saving tips include sleeping with the AC off and windows open, closing blinds during the day to minimize heat gain through windows, using bathroom fans to remove heat and humidity, placing lamps and televisions away from the thermostat, turning all ceiling fans off when you exit the room, and scheduling regular maintenance for your HVAC system.

If you believe you are having a problem with your HVAC system, General Air is fully equipped to provide accurate assessments and recommendations, with full-service technicians to meet your repair or replacement needs. It is important to get your unit checked as soon as you notice a problem, so do not hesitate to contact General Air to get your heating and air systems operating smoothly again in no time.

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