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An Easy Guide To Upgrading Your Heating System

An Easy Guide to Upgrading Your Heating System

You wouldn’t want to freeze to death, right?! Well, we are being a bit dramatic, but we know how important your home’s heating system is for the comfort of your family when the temperatures outside begin to drop. It keeps you and your loved ones warm and comfortable! So, when the system stops working properly or begins to cost you a lot of money it may be time for an upgrade, or a replacement.

Get in contact with Greenville heating and air experts if you think you need a new heating unit and want to purchase a more efficient system. Our team has the knowledge of the most up-to-date products with long-term field experience to assist you in selecting the ideal system for your house that will provide you with years of reliable service!

Let’s get into business!

Strange Noises Coming From Your Greenville HVAC

You are quietly cooking dinner when your heating system starts squeaking and creaking! Some kind of ominous rumbles, booms, or clanks that make you jump every time it happens. Scary, we know! This kind of noise means your heating system is not accomplishing what it is supposed to be doing. Strange noises from a furnace aren’t typical. If your heating unit begins to sound like a Mardi Gras carnival, it’s time to replace it!

Intermittent Temperatures

It’s far too cold in your house. And it’s just too hot. Then it became too cold again.

Or maybe you have noticed that certain rooms are significantly warmer than others or one of your bedrooms is always cold, while the others are fine. This is a sign that you have a problem with your home’s air ducts. The majority of heating systems are designed to evenly disperse warm air around your home. Different and inconsistent temperatures may indicate that your heating system needs to be replaced!

It’s always recommended to call a heating company’s inspector to inspect your air ducts as they may only need to be sealed or cleaned in the best-case scenario.

Humidity Is Getting In Your Way

If your home is experiencing humidity issues or the air inside feels extremely dry, it’s possible that your heating system is to blame. In the summer, old or malfunctioning equipment can make the air feel overly humid, while in the winter, it might feel too dry. This is not only inconvenient, but it can also irritate your sinuses.

A heating system improvement can help to reduce the dryness of the air, making it easier to breathe. If you have a lot of porous materials in your home, such as woodwork, furniture, or musical instruments, upgrading your heating system can help preserve them and extend their life. It’s a win-win situation.

Your Heating System Is Over Ten Years.

Heating systems older than 10 years operate at roughly 55% to 70% efficiency, but modern units can achieve up to 99% efficiency. Your furnace may still be functional, but upgrading to a modern system will save you money and provide you with more convenience. Your furnace may still be working, but investing in a new system would bring you big savings, and convenience in the long term.

Constant Repairs 

Evidently, there will be times when repairs are the best option to tackle your heating system, but in other circumstances, however, no number of repairs will be able to fix an irreparably ruined machine. Know when to give up on your home’s heating system, just like you would with other things in life. In the end, repair money would be far better spent on a high-performance upgrade.

Alternatively, invest in routine maintenance over the life of your equipment to lessen the chances of repairs being ineffective. You’ll save money by doing so rather than wasting money on futile attempts to restore an irreparably broken device.

Put Your Trust in Heating and Cooling Greenville SC!

Whether you’ve determined that you need a new heating system or want to learn more about the benefits of an upgrade, the next step is to contact an HVAC professional at General Air. We provide a comprehensive range of HVAC services, from routine maintenance and cleaning to system installation and beyond!

After all, with high-quality and economical heating and cooling services, our goal is to help you maintain a safe and comfortable atmosphere. As the weather cools, now is the ideal time to check the condition of your current heating system and make any necessary upgrades so that you are ready for next winter.

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