How to Minimize Issues With Your Air Conditioner Through Proper AC Maintenance

Most homeowners look after their heating system and furnace but often neglect the air conditioner. For people living in the West and Southern part of the US, life without an AC is miserable. Plus, all over North America, summers are very hot and humid. Thus, having an AC can be a blessing.

However, sometimes people neglect to take proper care of their air-conditioning unit which results in constant problems with the AC. It is a simple trade-off.  In order to ensure that you receive the benefits of the AC, you also need to look after it.

Here are some tips that will help ensure that your AC functions 24/7 without hassle:

  1. Regular check-up: Like all mechanical equipment, the AC needs to be maintained. It is thus important to get a checkup at least once a year to ensure that there are no problems. A regular tune-up can help prevent a break-down. For those who only use the AC during summer, the best time for a tune-up is in spring.


  1. Replace the filter: It is important to change the AC filter every 1-3 months. If you have pets in the home or someone in the home has asthma or lung disease, you may need to change the filter more frequently. A clogged up filter places more stress on the machine and results in poor air flow. Filters are very easy to replace and take less than a minute.


  1. Clean up junk outside: The AC machine needs space and room to breathe. Hence, you should make sure the space around the AC is clear of weeds, tall grass, and shrubs. Maintain at least 12 inches of clear space around the perimeter of the machine. At the same time make sure that the unit inside is clean and there is no junk lying around or on top of the equipment.


  1. Check the ducts: One very common reason why the AC doesn’t work is clogged up ducts. It is important to regularly inspect all air vents and make sure they are open. Closing air vents are not recommended as it places extra stress on the machine. If you have pets in the home, you may want to get your air vents cleaned by a professional once every 12-24 months.


  1. Check for water leaks: When an AC is on, there is a pipe that drains all the water. But there should not be any leaks anywhere else. You should make it a point to regularly check the machine for any water leaks. Sometimes the condensation line can be plugged, and this may cause the water to leak, leading to severe damage to the machine.


  1. Use the machine efficiently: If you want your machine to last, use it efficiently. If you do not need the AC and the weather is not too hot, open the windows and turn off the machine. This not only saves energy and money, but it also prolongs the life of your machine. When you turn on the AC, set the thermostat at a temperature which is comfortable. Keeping the house very cold only makes the machine work harder and the risk of the AC breaking down increases.

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