Common Air Conditioner Facts and Myths

When homeowners have an air conditioner installed, they believe that this is the end of hot and humid summers and a better quality of life forever. Unfortunately, this might not be true for everyone. There is no question that an AC can significantly improve the comfort of the home in the summer, but like any piece of equipment, there are certain facts and myths that you should know:

Not forever: No appliance or home equipment lasts forever. When a new AC is installed, it will last long but not forever. The latest air conditioning units generally last 15-20 years without problems. But it is a myth among homeowners that your air conditioner will function as good as new forever. In order to have it work efficiently, you also need to take care of it.

Maintenance: Some homeowners believe that once they buy a new air conditioning unit, their worries are over. However, if you want your unit to last several decades and run efficiently, you will need to maintain it. The best way to do this is with a maintenance program. With a maintenance program, the AC is checked twice a year for any problems or leaks. The earlier the problems are detected, the less costly is the repair. Most maintenance fees for an AC range from $75-$150 a year. If you want more information about such a program, you should speak to your Greenville HVAC professionals.

Need a bigger machine: Some homeowners think that installing a bigger AC unit will lead to better results. This is, again, a myth. In general, an air conditioner is installed based on the size of the home. If you have a bigger machine installed, but your home is not that big, it will only lead to a waste of energy and a higher bill. All units designed today are able to move air throughout the home at a specific rate. When you install a bigger unit, it moves air at a specified rate which cannot be reduced. Thus, you end up paying much more in terms of energy costs. Your Greenville HVAC professionals can help you figure out how big of a unit you’ll need.

Keep the thermostat temperature low for more effective cooling: All air conditioners are designed to operate at a consistent rate to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. However, if you make the temperature very low on the thermostat, this doesn’t make the air conditioner work faster. It will still cool at the same rate. That is why you should set the thermostat at a temperature which makes you feel comfortable; Most people find that a temperature of between 21-22 C works well. Any lower, and you just waste energy.

Turn off the AC when not at home: This is another myth and one which is commonly practiced by a large number of people. In general, turning the air conditioner on and off on a daily basis makes the machine work harder. Unless you are going away for a vacation or the weekend, it is better that you set the thermometer temperature a little higher. This way, the machine will not switch on all the time, and it will save you money. There are programmable thermostats that can even allow you to change the temperature from your smartphone. Therefore, if you’re going to be home in 1 hour, just decrease the thermostat temperature via the smartphone and the home will be nice and cool when you return.

Air Filters should be changed once a year: Air filters play a vital role; they trap debris, dust, pet dander, and many other particles. If the filter gets clogged, the air conditioner has to work extra hard to pump the air and keep the home cool. This also wastes energy. Many homeowners don’t give importance to the filter even though it is very economical to buy and very easy to replace. In general, the filter should be changed at least once a month during summer and once every 2 months for the rest of the year.

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If you are looking for tips and tricks to make your air conditioning unit last longer and work efficiently, you can call the Greenville HVAC professionals at General Air Conditioning Services Corporation. We offer maintenance programs for our clients, and we can help ensure that your air conditioning unit works smartly and efficiently for years to come. Call us today, and we will resolve your heating and cooling issues in no time.

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