Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Providing Proper Cooling?

Summer will be here soon, and most people will begin to use their air conditioners again. Many homeowners worry that their air conditioner may not perform up to the mark since it hasn’t been in use for the last six months or so. But most of the time, this is an unnecessary worry because air conditioners tend to pick up from where they left off quite smoothly. The latest generation of air conditioners (AC) is generally reliable and durable. However, like all mechanical equipment, it may happen that your air conditioner does not work properly. Sometimes the reason is something simple like a non-working thermostat while in other cases, the problem might be a bit serious like a coolant leakage.

Here are some reasons why your air conditioner may not be cooling properly:

  1. Thermostat not set to the right temperature or expired battery: In order for the air conditioner to turn on, you have to set the temperature on the low side (20-22C). If it is hot outside and your temperature is still set high, the machine will not turn on. Some thermostats require that you place it on ‘ON’ instead of ‘auto.’ If you don’t operate it that way, it may not cool properly. Another common reason is an expired thermostat battery.


  1. Dirty filter: An air conditioner may not work efficiently if the filter is clogged or dirty. The clogged filter places stress on the machine and could reduce efficiency. It is thus important to replace the filter every 1-2 months. Filters can be bought from almost any hardware store, are easy to replace, and one does not need any type of technical knowledge or skill to replace them.


  1. Junk outside the machine: Sometimes the AC won’t turn on because you have weeds, plants and other types of junk surrounding the machine. You need to keep your air conditioner free of such material for at least 2 feet. The condenser of the air conditioning unit is unable to dissipate the heat if it is surrounded by debris and junk. You should check the machine at least once a month to ensure that no weeds or plants are growing on or around it. If you do see debris on the condenser, simply clean it with a moist cloth.

While the above problems with the air conditioner can be fixed by the homeowner, there are other causes of where you will need to call an HVAC contractor for repair. These include:

  1. Broken/faulty condenser fan motor will not allow the AC to cool your home.
  2. A very common cause why the machine will start but won’t cool the home is low levels of the coolant. Some indicators of leakage of the coolant include 1) a hissing sound coming from the machine 2) build-up of ice on the outside unit 3) the AC will not be able to cool the home in warm weather but may work fine at night or during cool weather. Whenever you suspect a coolant leak, the AC must be switched off, and an HVAC contractor must be called. If you leave the machine running, it can lead to more damage to the compressor. An HVAC contractor will know exactly what to do and would generally take 30-60 minutes to fix this problem.
  3. A malfunctioning compressor is another reason why the air conditioner won’t work. In most cases, the compressor will need to be replaced.

Contact an HVAC Contractor in Greenville at General Air For Your Heating and Cooling Needs

If your air conditioner is not cooling properly, you should first try to figure out if it is a big problem or something you can resolve at home. As mentioned above, if it is a serious issue, it is best to consult with an HVAC Contractor in Greenville. In most cases, the repair costs are not high, and your air conditioning unit may even be under warranty. If you live in Greenville, and if you are facing issues with the operation and efficiency of your air conditioner, contact an HVAC contractor in Greenville at General Air Conditioning Services Corporation. Our team has significant experience in resolving issues related to air conditioning units. Whether it’s the coolant that needs to be fixed or a broken compressor or condenser,  you can rely on our Greenville HVAC contractor to fix the problem. Call us today, and we will resolve your heating and cooling issues in no time.

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