Why You Need to Sign an AC Maintenance Contract

Just as you treat your car by ensuring it gets regular oil changes for smooth performance, you should also ensure tune-ups are routinely done on your AC system. One of the most significant investments you’ll ever make as a homeowner is your air conditioning system. However, as with other major investments in the house, your HVAC requires periodic and routine maintenance to enable it to work efficiently and optimally.

There are many reasons you need to sign an annual AC maintenance contract. Taking this step is critical to making your air conditioning unit work smoothly since an AC system that provides optimal performance helps you save on energy while promoting clean airflow in the house. These 2 are just a handful among the several benefits of maintaining your unit, regularly. These benefits and more, underscoring why you need to sign an AC system maintenance contract, are highlighted below.

Routine AC Maintenance Helps Save Energy

If you’re like several homeowners in America, your electricity bill may be the most expensive utility for which you have to shell out cash each month. Though it doesn’t come as a surprise that the primary source of energy consumption is running our AC, penning a maintenance contract will enable you cut down your energy consumption effectively.

When your AC unit lacks proper maintenance (such as having the air filters replaced, extensive system inspection, ensuring moving parts are lubricated, and the likes), it tends to function below its real potential.As a result Thus, your system is compelled to work harder in a bid to maintain temperature & humidity levels that are comfortable in your home.

What is the result of this strain on the AC? More energy is used, which translates to higher bills. Just by ensuring your AC filters are regularly changed, according to Energy.gov, you can cut down on energy consumed by 5–15%. This shows that providing regular and adequate maintenance for your air conditioner can help you save on energy.

Better Air Quality

According to research, indoor air quality has a range of effects on the health and safety of occupants in a home. As such, cleaner airflow is one of the benefits you will realize from signing up for annual maintenance. This ensures that harmful allergens in the air — that can make people fall sick, cause asthma and allergy flare-ups — in your home is reduced. The CPSC explains that pollutants coming from outside the house can build up to unhealthy levels within the home if you fail to have your air filters changed regularly (for example).

Signing a Maintenance Contract Helps Reduce Repairs

As with all systems, your AC will require repairs at one time or another. A sound strategy you can adopt to reduce the number of repairs the unit needs over time is to sign a maintenance contract. You’ll have a lower risk of facing graver issues and costly repairs, when your air conditioner is inspected & tuned, routinely. The average cost for AC repairs lies somewhere between $165 – $507. You can avoid these avoidable expenses by opting for routine inspections and tune-ups which are provided as part of a maintenance contract.


Signing up for an AC maintenance contract is a crucial step towards ensuring that your unit functions well whenever you want it to. The heat of the summer is a wrong time for your air conditioning system to stop working. This is not just about the issue of comfort; it’s also about getting an AC technician to come out and attend to you during a heat wave. This could prove difficult given that they’ll be busy with similar jobs. Instead of putting your little ones, elderly parents or pets in harm’s way, why not ensure that your AC unit is working optimally at all times so that even in the hottest weather, everyone can stay comfortable?

General Air — Your Local HVAC Contractor in Greenville

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