What Is An AC Cover And Why Should You Use One?

Most people tend to take their air conditioners for granted. After all, the unit cools the home and makes sure the temperature inside is nice and cool. But on the outside, your air conditioner has to bear all types of weather conditions – sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes windy, sometimes humid. In simple words, harsh weather is something that the outer part of the air conditioner cannot avoid. You can increase the performance and life of your AC by using an air conditioner cover. This cover will help:

  • Protect the AC from debris such as leaves, branches, snow, icicles, etc.
  • Prevent the build-up of dirt inside the unit.
  • Prevent water damage from rainwater and/or snow accumulation.

An AC cover is especially useful in cold regions because the winter season can be quite harsh with snow storms, freezing rain, hail storms, high-speed winds, and ice. You can really increase the lifespan of your AC if you cover the outer layer properly.

Keep in mind that all AC covers do not have the same quality. Some can actually end up harming your AC’s performance as opposed to protecting or enhancing it. It is best to purchase a cover which is made from breathable material. This will ensure that there is no hindrance to the airflow and will also prevent the build-up of moisture. Also, make sure you clean your AC properly before you cover it up. As soon as the harsh weather is gone and you plan to use your AC again, you should uncover your unit. You should never switch on the AC if ifs covered. The best way to prevent any mistake is to turn the breaker switch off if you’re not using the unit.

There are both pros and cons of using an AC cover. But if you live in a place which experiences harsh weather, the pros outweigh the cons. Some of the cons of an AC cover include:

  • Trapped moisture
  • Tempting spot for animals to take shelter

But overall, an AC cover is a good idea during the winter months. There is no major disadvantage to it, and in most cases, when you remove it and switch it on in springtime, it will run more efficiently.

Some people even cover their AC during Fall. This is because it’s not only snow and rain that can ruin your AC’s system but leaves and seeds can also get into your air conditioner and can cause blockade as well as moisture collection.

It is not necessary to cover the entire outer layer. Your AC cover should typically fall down the side about six inches. If you cover your unit completely, moisture will get trapped inside and cause your unit to rust.

The decision to use an AC cover is completely dependent on the owner of the unit. But for most regions in North America, covering the outer part of your air-conditioning unit might be a good idea. If you are not sure which cover to use or if you should use a cover at all, you should speak to your local HVAC Contractor in Greenville, SC. They can provide you more information based on the type of AC unit you have as well as the type of winters you have.

Contact General Air Conditioning Services Corporation – Your Local HVAC Contractor in Greenville

If you are a resident of Greenville and if you are unsure of how to protect your AC in harsh weather, you can call our HVAC contractor in Greenville at General Air Conditioning Services Corporation. If you feel you have just powered on your AC after the winter, and it’s not performing up to the mark, you can call our office, and our HVAC contractors will help troubleshoot the problem. The team at General Air has significant experience with both heating and cooling systems and can help recommend the best way to protect your AC while it’s off and the measures you should take to ensure the unit is properly maintained in the months of high usage. Before you dismiss the use of an AC cover, make sure you have obtained all the necessary information so that you can take an intelligent decision. There are different things that one has to consider including the type of weather you have, the kind of AC unit you have and your usage level. For more information, call your local Greenville HVAC contractor today or book an appointment online by visiting us at https://www.generalac.com/contact/.

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