6 Signs That You Need AC Repairs

As the summer season gathers momentum, your air conditioning has to exert more in order to maintain cooler indoor temperatures. When it is working right, the AC can easily maintain such temperatures. However, when the AC fails to provide suitable cooling or runs into other problems, these may indicate that you need AC repairs.

If that is indeed the case, it is important that you troubleshoot your AC and have it repaired at the earliest. Any delays in repairs will only cost you more in terms of money and hassle down the road. Contact our Greenville HVAC experts right away.

Here are some common signs that your AC needs repairs.


AC is Making Noise

If your air conditioning is making unusual noises such as clicking, banging or screeching, it has a problem. The problem may be a loose component, a stuck part or something else that is interfering with the AC’s operation. Left on its own, a problem like this can quickly worsen and cause damage to the AC unit. If you hear any such noises coming from your AC, it is time to contact your local HVAC expert. Have a Greenville heating and air expert look into it and sort it out for you.


Your Bills Are Unusually High

The average annual cooling cost of your AC’s operation is around $250 to $350 as per Energystar.gov. This is true when your AC is working normally and has no problems. If your AC has a functional problem, though, the annual bill is going to be higher. So if you experience bills that are unusually higher, it is time to look for possible problems and repairs.


You Experience Poor Cooling

One of the obvious telltale signs of a problematic AC unit is poor cooling. If you are operating the AC as usual but it is not cooling the indoor spaces properly, this may be due to an AC malfunction. Problems such as compressor malfunctions or refrigerant leaks can often result in poor cooling. These are the kind of problems which you can’t resolve on your own, so you will need the help of a professional.


Your Rooms Have High Humidity Levels

A key part of an AC is to remove humidity from the indoors. This helps the air conditioning in ensuring cool and dry interiors. When an AC fails to remove humidity effectively, it is not working optimally. You can tell this if the air has a humid feeling or if water vapors form up on the windows or any other glass surface. These are indications that the space has high water content and the AC is failing to remove the moisture. Troubleshooting a problem like this isn’t often straightforward and an expert will need to look into your AC before resolving it.


Your AC has Frozen Up

Formation of snow or ice around the AC coils is a common type of AC problem. This usually occurs when the cool air backs up due to a clogged air filter, making the AC unit and its coil exceptionally cold. Poor draining is also a culprit in such a case. Another reason this may happen is due to a refrigerant leak. When you spot ice or snow around the AC components, get professional help at the earliest.


Your AC Works Erratically

Sometimes, the AC unit works fine some of the times but won’t cool or function at others. If you are experiencing this, it should be a cause of concern. AC units that turn on and off too frequently not only result in higher energy bills they can also experience internal damage. So if your AC unit is experiencing this, this is a sign that you need immediate repairs.


Your AC Smells Strange

Unusual and pungent smells emanating from an AC may indicate that it has a problem. Sometimes, this can be a result of burnt wiring which is a problem that must be resolved quickly. If you experience such smells, have an expert locate their source.

Hiring Greenville Heating and Air Experts

If you have observed any of the above signs in your air conditioning, you should seek professional help at the earliest. Here at General Air, we have been delivering world-class HVAC services to homeowners and businesses across Greenville, SC for a long time. Our Greenville heating and air experts can troubleshoot and resolve AC problems in a timely and professional manner. Contact us today for any AC repairs and our experts will be at your doorstep in no time.

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