6 Benefits of Using Radiant Heating Systems

A wide range of heating systems and solutions are used by homeowners across America. One of these is the radiant heating system. Unlike other heating systems which use hot air to heat an interior space, radiant heating makes use of infrared radiation, or heat from a heated element.

Radiant heating systems are installed under the floors or inside the walls or ceilings. The heat from the system then creates warmth inside the room through the radiation of heat across a surface. When used in floors, it is often known as radiant floor heating.

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Compared to other heating solutions available today, radiant heating offers a number of stand-out benefits. Here is a look at some of the most notable advantages it offers.


Conventional heating systems, like the ones that make use of forced-air heating, suffer from many heat losses. As the hot air travels along a duct, a portion of its heat is lost. The longer the distance it travels, the greater is the heat loss. This is not the case with radiant heating. Radiant heating has no ducts. This ensures that it is able to deliver the maximum amount of heat in the desired space. It also makes radiant heating a lot more energy-efficient than other solutions. Compared to conventional radiators, radiant systems are found to transmit heat 15% more effectively.

A heating system.

Even Heating

A common problem with conventional forced-air heating system is that they tend to create hot and cold spots around the home. This is simply a result of how such a system operates – it warms the air which then rises up, eventually falling back to the floor once it cools. This creates a cycle where the system has to exert a lot more to maintain a comfortable temperature.

In contrast, radiant heating delivers more even heat over an entire surface, like a floor or a wall. This makes sure that the heat is delivered close to where the inhabitants are likely to be – on the floor, for instance.

No Dust or Allergens

The cycle of cold and hot air established by the force-air systems is often responsible for distributing dust and allergens across the home. For people with allergies, this can be very problematic. This is why families with members who have allergies often prefer radiant heating systems over forced-air heating systems. In radiant heating, there is no circulation of air. Consequently, there is no risk of the distribution of dust, allergens or any other debris that may create breathing issues. This also makes radiant heating an overall cleaner heating solution for homes.

Better Heat Retention

Objects tend to retain heat more effectively than air. This is why radiant heating systems are able to achieve better and more even heating for longer periods. In the case of floor radiant heating, the floor stays warm for quite some time once it reaches the desired temperature. In contrast, the air heated in a forced-air system rapidly loses its temperature once the system turns off. The HVAC then has to exert more to keep the air warm and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Optimal Positioning

In the case of floor radiant heating, the source of the heat is perfectly positioned to ensure a very comfortable heating for the inhabitants. Heat particles tend to rise up. So when a floor is heated, the heat radiates upwards, enveloping a person’s body. This makes for a much more comfortable experience compared to the heating achieved by other systems.

Fuel Options

Hydronic radiant heating systems rely on heated liquids to distribute heat across a surface. These systems can typically run on a variety of fuel types in addition to electricity. Energy sources that are commonly used by a hydronic system include oil, gas, solar and wood. This makes hydronic radiant heating systems a particularly attractive option for homes located off the grid or in remote locations.

Hiring Professional HVAC Contractors in Greenville, SC

If you are considering installing a radiant heating system at your home, it is important to hire the right professionals. Here at General Air, our experts have an extensive experience of handling all types of radiant heating systems. Whether you want to have radiant heating panels installed in the walls, ceilings or floors, we have got you covered. We can also work with existing homes as well as new construction units.

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