5 Reasons Your AC Is Blowing Hot Air

It is incredibly annoying to realize on a summer day that your AC is suddenly blowing hot air. Such a scenario can quickly turn the cool and comfortable interior of your house into an unbearably hot environment.

The good news is that if your AC is blowing hot air, you may be able to troubleshoot and resolve the problem on your own. However, the first step is to understand exactly what may cause a problem like this. Here is a look at five of the most common reasons why an AC starts to blow hot air. Contact our Greenville HVAC experts today.

Condenser Problems

The condenser of your AC is the outdoor unit that is primarily tasked with cooling the air that is pulled from the indoor atmosphere. If the condenser malfunctions or stops working altogether, it no longer cools the air. As a consequence, the air blown by the indoor unit of the AC is not cooled and instead feels warm or hot.

Typically, you can resolve this issue by checking out the circuit breaker connected to the condenser. The breaker can trip for a variety of reasons and you simply need to reset it to get the condenser working again. However, if the problem is more serious, the breaker may trip again and again. If that’s the case, or if the condenser malfunction is not related to the breaker, you may want to consult an HVAC professional to sort the issue.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant inside your AC unit is the key ingredient used in cooling the air. A decent amount of refrigerant is essential in your AC to make sure that the air is adequately cooled. The problem is that due to leaks and other problems with the unit, the refrigerant levels may drop below the required minimum. When this happens, the refrigerant is no longer able to cool the indoor air, causing the AC to breathe hot air.

You can check out the copper coils on your AC unit to see if there are any leaks, hissing sounds or other indications that the refrigerant is escaping the unit. If you suspect something, consult a professional. If indeed a refrigerant leak has occurred, you will need to have it topped up by an HVAC pro.

Thermostat Settings

This may sound like obvious but many homeowners tend to neglect this when troubleshooting AC problems. Make sure you check your thermostat settings. You may have adjusted the settings yourself but your child, better half or someone else may have accidentally pressed a button. A simple switch on the settings from Cool to Hot can turn your AC into a hot blower.

The good thing is that if your AC’s hot air problem is indeed linked to the thermostat, you can instantly take care of it on your own. Even if all looks fine, be sure to spend a few minutes on the thermostat settings to ensure that it is running on your desired settings.

Clogged Air Filter

The basic operation of your AC involves pulling hot air from the interior environment and then treating it before cooling and returning it. A key role is played by the air filter in this whole operation. The filter is tasked with removing dust and contaminants from the air before the air can be cooled. But if the air filter becomes clogged due to poor maintenance, it no longer allows the air to pass. As a result, the hot air that is pulled from the interior atmosphere is returned as is without being cooled.

You can troubleshoot this possibility by checking on the air filter in your AC unit. If the filter is clogged with dust, dirt and other debris, it is likely causing the AC to blow out hot air. The problem can be solved by simply removing the filter and replacing it or washing it if it is washable.

Hiring Greenville Heating and Air Experts

If your AC is blowing hot air or experiencing any other problems, you can use the information above to troubleshoot it. However, if it is anything more than an air filter or thermostat issue, it is best to consult an HVAC expert.

Here at General Air, we have been serving the HVAC needs of homeowners and businesses across Greenville for many years. Our Greenville heating and air experts are capable of troubleshooting and resolving any and all AC problems. Whether it’s a refrigerant leak, an electrical failure or any other issue, we will sort it right away and get your AC up and working fine in no time. Contact us today to hire our services or consult our technicians.

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