5 Questions About Smart Thermostats Answered

Over the last few years, smart thermostats have received a lot of attention and buzz. You may have seen your neighbors appearing to abandon their standard programmable thermostats in favor of smart thermostats. But why should you invest in a smart thermostat? Is it possible for smart thermostats to help you save money on your energy bills? Also, what are the advantages of using a smart thermostat? In Greenville HVAC we are answering all these questions!

Smart thermostats aren’t just control panels for your heating and cooling systems anymore. Wi-Fi, sensors, advanced algorithms, and other features are included in these innovative thermostats. Are you in to know more about these groundbreaking gadgets? Here we break down how the thermostats help you as a homeowner, and why you should consider investing in your smart thermostat. Stay tuned!

How Do These Smart Thermostats Work Different for Your Heating and Air Greenville NC?

Even while you’re not at home, a smart thermostat maintains the ideal temperature for you. When everyone has left, it uses its internet connection to adapt the temperature to your preferences and the weather prediction. It also ensures that your home is warm when you arrive. Are you going to be home sooner or later than you planned? Your smart thermostat is aware of this and immediately adjusts its settings.

But how?! These thermostats rely on a GPS-based geofencing feature to function. When you approach your house, the app detects your position and sets the heating or cooling to your desired setting. Others rely solely on sensors to detect a person’s presence in the residence.

Is It Better than a Traditional Thermostat?

The cost of heating your home represents 60% of your total energy costs. Your energy consumption is significantly reduced when you use a smart thermostat. Various smart thermostat websites claim that you can save up to 31%. This savings is attainable because the newest thermostat on the market today prevents you from heating your home unnecessarily. Not to mention that what’s good for your money is also good for the environment!

How Smart Thermostats Lower Your Energy Bills?

Well, these gadgets are “smart” for a reason! They are self-taught and can figure out when it’s OK to heat up and when it’s not. They can also figure out how much energy you’ll need to heat your house based on the outside temperature. They keep track of how quickly your interior is cooling.

These thermostats use this information to heat your home in the most cost-effective way possible. Thanks to particular radiator valves, this can even be done room by room. If you forget to close your bedroom window in the middle of the winter, certain smart thermostats will turn off the affected radiator. You’ll also get a monthly use report to see how much money you’re saving.

What Does a Smart Thermostat and Your Weekly Agenda Have In Common?

A weekly menu is available on the gadget. You may easily customize your preferences every day this way. Do you go out on Monday evenings yet always have someone at home on Wednesday afternoons? Simply program it, and your smart thermostat will take care of the rest. When you return home, the system detects your presence using sensors throughout the house or geofencing via your smartphone. The heating arrangement is then adjusted. Additionally, you can use the Alexa app, Siri, or Google to control everything.

How Much Does a Smart Thermostat Will Cost You?

There are multiple choices available on the market. In theory, they all do the same thing, but there are some differences. Count on spending roughly $200, depending on the model; installation is not included, but this is not that difficult. Simply turn off the electricity to your thermostat, remove the old one, connect the wires to your new thermostat, attach the new thermostat faceplate, turn on the power, and follow the programming instructions as directed by your manufacturer. Easy peasy, eh?! Always bear in mind to consult with a dependable and respected Greenville HVAC contractor to ensure you obtain the greatest model at the best price.

Final Considerations on Greenville Heating and Air

Traditional thermostats are excellent at what they do, but smart thermostats have several advantages over them, including the ability to set alerts and reminders, as well as the ability to alter your temperature from anywhere. Not only can you set smart thermostats to deliver notifications and reminders, but they can also learn your daily routine and save you money on energy bills. Call the best Greenville HVAC contractor and consider giving smart thermostats a shot!

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