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5 Bad HVAC Habits That Will Raise Your Energy Bill

5 Bad HVAC Habits That Will Raise Your Energy Bill

It is July in Greenville South Carolina, which means one thing – Heat. Breaking 100 degree weather, July is without a doubt the hottest month of the year, and with extreme heat comes an extreme energy bill. We here at General Air of Greenville S.C. want to keep you from spending too much on your energy bill, so we have compiled a list of 5 bad HVAC habits that will raise your energy bill to keep your wallet safe.


First, we need to break your bad AC habits to lower your energy bill. These are the lowest cost to change, since you only need to change your habits to lower your energy bill. We at General Air of Greenville SC want to talk to you about this, you have your AC on too much. And too high. And too regularly. Seriously.

You don’t need your home cooled to 68 during the day, when no one is home. This is one of the biggest wastes of energy that will raise your energy bill. When not at home, raise or even turn off your ac to allow your system to take a break. Even if you are home during the day it can be helpful to let your AC reach a higher temperature during the hottest times of day. This can save you big on your energy bill. It is also important to make sure that your thermostat is set to auto, and not on. This is the difference between your system noticing when the temperature gets above your preset settings, and then kicking in the air to cool – and having cold air constantly running. Fixing this simple mistake could save you up to 50% on your energy bill.

A nice solution that helps solve these problems quickly, is to purchase and set up a smart thermostat. These thermostats can track your usage, and days, helping most efficiently cool you home. They can be set to maintain a threshold, and also schedule to cool the home to your best setting for sleep. These are an investment, but can quickly show their value in your energy bill.


Next up, we want to talk to you about your doors and windows. Did you know that your energy bill is generally higher because your cool air leaks out of your home? Most people do not have proper insulation on their windows and doors, leading to a big surge in their energy bill. Have a General Air HVAC expert check the seals at your door and windows, making sure they haven’t worn or dry rotted out. After checking them, check your attic insulation, as that is another big leak point. The best way to decrease your energy bill is to increase your insulation. Purchasing double panned windows can save you big time on your energy bill, literally doubling the insulation on one of the biggest leaks in your home. If you can’t afford those, you can still save on your energy bill by locking all windows and doors when you aren’t using them, making sure they do not slowly open over time.

Don’t forget to draw the blinds during the hottest times of day. Since the sun is the main source of heat, it only makes sense to try and block it any way you can. You can also plant trees during the summer, whose leaves will block out the sun. In the fall, when the leaves fall, they will also allow more sun in to help keep your house warm and reduce your energy bill all year round!


If your house were a human body, the vents would be the veins, and the filter would be the lungs. Taking in air and dispersing it throughout the house. So, why then, is it important to change your filters regularly? Because after just one month of use, these filters can become clogged and inefficient. Never changing your filters has the same effect as cigarette smoke on your lungs. They become worn down, and contaminated. Clogged filters will recirculate toxic particles throughout your home, and cost you on your energy bill. Since the AC unit has to force air through, it can also cause additional wear and tear on your main unit, causing it to break faster. To keep your energy bill down, change your filter monthly, inspect your filters regularly, and make sure to purchase the right filter size.


Last but not least, don’t forget to contact an HVAC expert at General Air of Greenville to regularly inspect your unit to help save you money on your energy bill. Regular maintenance can help keep your system running more efficiently, and prevent long term damage. Not keeping up with your unit can cause systems to run poorly, greatly increasing your electricity bill. Not only this, but poorly functioning units can put pressure on other components, meaning that not only will your electricity bill go up, but more and more of your HVAC unit will wear down. This will cost huge sums if gone unchecked, require new parts and installation after pieces fail. And even then, newer pieces will overwork if not checked up on, causing them to wear faster than the rest of the unit. These regular maintenance check ups from General Air of Greenville SC can save you big on your electricity bill, and your future costs on repairs for your unit.

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