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Promoting Green, Energy-Efficient Practices.

Green Initiatives For HVAC

At General Air, we believe in the importance of energy efficient heating and air. Not only is an energy efficient HVAC system healthier for your home or business and better for the environment, but long-term it’s more cost-effective too. General Air can help you identify “green” practices that will help you have a healthy, environmentally-friendly system that uses less energy to keep you warm or cool.

We take pride in selecting and recommending the most eco-friendly solutions for your specific needs. Whether having an eco-friendly home or business is a top priority for you, or just a nice touch, you can rest easy knowing that General Air only uses products that meet or exceed government standards for energy efficiency. Allow us to help you save energy and reduce your heating and air conditioning costs today.

There are also several things you can do to help keep your system efficient and “green”:

  • To ensure maximum efficiency and cleaner air, make sure to change your air filters on a regular schedule.
  • Keep the thermostat at a reasonable level, and try to keep it at a set temperature; constantly adjusting the temperature in your house, even by a few degrees, uses a lot of energy.
  • Make sure there’s proper insulation in your attic, walls and floors, as well as putting weatherstrips on doors and windows. Insulation is key to getting the most out of your investment in heating and cooling.

For more tips on energy efficiency or energy efficient HVAC systems and information on how General Air practices environmental responsibility, click here.


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